You Did Not!

You Did Not!

Nehemiah 9:16 “But they, our forefathers, became arrogant and stiff-necked, and did not obey your commands.

(9:17) They refused to listen and failed to remember the miracles you performed among them. They became stiff-necked and in their rebellion appointed a leader in order to return to their slavery. But you are a forgiving God, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love. Therefore you did not desert them,

(9:18) even when they cast for themselves an image of a calf and said, ‘This is your god, who brought you up out of Egypt,’ or when they committed awful blasphemies.

(9:19) “Because of your great compassion you did not abandon them in the desert. By day the pillar of cloud did not cease to guide them on their path, nor the pillar of fire by night to shine on the way they were to take.

(9:20) You gave your good Spirit to instruct them. You did not withhold your manna from their mouths, and you gave them water for their thirst.

(9:21) For forty years you sustained them in the desert; they lacked nothing, their clothes did not wear out nor did their feet become swollen.”

This is an excerpt from a long prayer Israelites were making led by Levites. They were looking back on how their relationship with God had been. They recognized who God was/is and what He had/has done. They also realized that they and their forefathers had persisted in evil in spite of God’s goodness to them. In this prayer they show that God ignored their bad behaviour and did not treat them as they deserved.

When our forefathers were rebellious you should have deserted them, but You did not desert them. When forefathers rejected God and worshiped a golden calf, You should have abandoned them, but You did not abandon them. In their persistent rebellion and arrogance against You our God, You should have withdrawn Your Spirit and daily food, but You gave them Your Spirit to guide them and You did not withdraw daily food of manna! Because you are a good God, You did not….

I missed church last weekend, but You did not abandon me the following week. I have hated my neighbours but You did not stop listening to my prayers. I have travelled great distances to commit sin but You did not let me die in an accident. I have feasted with evil doers, but You did not let me get food poisoning. I have lived a prayerless life but You did not let the will of my enemies be done in my home, school, work place, etc. I ignored your instructions and engaged in risky behaviour, but You did not let me get addicted nor infected. I know in future you will punish this behaviour if I don’t repent, but am grateful today, that You did not….

I confess my sins today and I seek a new beginning and a better life. I thank you God that You did not treat me, yesterday and in the past, as I deserved. Am blessed today, am alive today, all is well today, I have another chance today, I have hope today, because, You did not… Thank you Jesus and bless me today, thank you, because, You did not… Amen! (C) (do not delete any part of this post, including this. You are free to share these posts but don’t edit the authorship or content… thank you and be blessed!)

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