You Did It In Secret 1

 Samuel 12:12 “Your did it in secret, but I will do this thing in broad daylight before all Israel.'”

God sends Prophet Nathan to let King David know that he needs to repent. Through Nathan, God demonstrates the real evil committed by David in killing Uriah and marrying his wife Bethsheba. Also God expresses disappointment and promises to punish David. He tells David that all his evil was committed in secret, but, the punishment will be a public affair! You did it in secret, but the punishment will be public.

How many evils do we commit in secret? Of course we are quick to think of sexual sins. They are sins too. They are committed in secret too. But what about meetings to tople leaders? What about meetings to ensure your own kind makes it in an election and opponents defeated unfairly? What about secret meetings to defeat opponents using illegal and unscrupulous methods? What about gossip that tarnishes characters? What about advice that breaks relationships, don’t we give it in secret? What about fake social media accounts and unregistered phone numbers used to attack people? We do it all in secret…God says, you did it in secret, but I will punish you in public!

What about lies to bosses about colleagues? Aren’t they shared in secret? (God will punish both the boss who easily believes lies and the peddler of lies to gain favor) What about hate of someone and refusal to forgive and reconcile, isn’t it a secret heart matter? Some secrets are in the heart and done at heart. No secret, even heart secrets are hidden to God. He knows why you treated the other person as you did, He knows why you made that comment and He knows why you took that step. He knows secrets, even of the hating, vengeful heart. God says, you did it in secret, but I will punish you in public!

Stealing of public and organizational resources is done in secret. Witches are visited in secret, and their services are procured and deployed in secret. In secret lives are destroyed. In secret business and employment opportunities are lost. In secret people are fired. In secret relationships are broken. In secret students pass and fail. In secret we contradict our faith. God knows everything, nothing is secret to Him. God says, you did it in secret, I will punish you in public!

Orphans suffer in your hands, in secret. Spouses suffer at the hands of their partners, in secret. The poor, the clients and the unsuspecting members of the public are exploited, in secret. Employees at our homes, businesses and work place are suffering because of us, in secret. Relatives living with us are hurting, in secret. We persecute people under us, for flimsy reasons, in secret. God says, you did it in secret but I will revenge in public!

The secret emails, phone calls, chats, meetings and consultations. The veiled threats, the pointed remarks, the insinuation in public that secretly hurt someone. God says, you did it in secret, but I will punish you in public!

Jesus said murder begins in the secrecy of a hating heart. Jesus said adultery begins in the secrecy of a lusting eye. He by that warned us that, God is watching even the secret actors and their activities. God says, you did it in secret, but I will punish in public!

What about comments we make in decision making bodies, don’t they sometimes carry a secret agenda? What about comments we make on people’s pages on social media, don’t they sometimes carry secret agenda? Therefore in secret we influence meetings and social media negatively. What about certain sermons, aren’t they carrying secret destructive content? Those secrets may be hidden to everyone but not to God! You may even conclude secretly in your heart that this message is not for you. You may decide, you won’t act on it. God says, you did it in secret, but I will punish you in public!

Are you doing things against someone, against people, against God, against the church, against a race or tribe, or against government in secret? God’s message is that, you did it in secret but I will revenge in a very public manner.

Are you afraid of secret things being planned and done against you? God promises protection today. Don’t waste time investigating what is done, said or planned in secret. It will detract you and cause failure, that will be fodder to enemies. Don’t listen to people who seem to know the secrets of your opponents. The fact that they know the mind of your opponents in details, makes them opponents too. Don’t be gullible, swallowing all information. God promises that He will expose all evil secrets. God speaks to the secret actors, ‘you did it in secret, but I will avenge in public.’

You did it in secret, you can repent in secret and be forgiven in secret before God makes it public. When God forgives, He does it in secret and it will never be public.

You did it in secret, is a message of warning to secret actors, so that they repent and stop the secret activities. You did it in secret, is a message of hope and encouragement to the victims of secret activities. May we be warned and gain hope today in Jesus name. Amen!

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