Whether It Is Good Or Bad! 2

Whether It Is Good Or Bad!

Jeremiah 42:6 “Whether it is good or bad, we will obey the voice of the Lord our God to whom we are sending you, that it may be well with us when we obey the voice of the Lord our God.”

Israelite nation had just been taken to Babylonian captivity as true prophets had predicted, including Jeremiah. Importance of Babylonian captivity is explained in the first paragraph of one of our blogs titled “We Wont Copy Them” published in September 02, 2018 https://church.ueab.ac.ke/?p=762. Our passage today is written during exile. The few people who remained in Jerusalem during Babylonian captivity were uncertain of their future and the next action to take because of the events that are narrated in Jeremiah 39-42. They were considering running to Egypt for safety from babylonians but they were unsure if it was God’s will. Therefore before seeking refuge in Egypt, they went to prophet Jeremiah so that he can inquire from God if they should go to Egypt. They promised Jeremiah that they will obey God regardless of what God says, whether it is good or bad.

In their crisis, they acknowledged that obeying God is the only way to survive and go through uncertain and difficult times. When uncertain what to do, just obey God. Life may not make sense, but just obey God. Obey God blindly as you go into blinding circumstances and hopeless situations and you will discover that obeying God blindly is never blindness. Your visibility is clearest and decisions best and firm when you obey God and even if it seems it is obeying blindly.

Blinding times are many and the only safe way out of circumstances and situations is to resolve to remain faithful to God in that blind moment and you will be safe. The Israelites in our passage were unsure if Egypt was safe or remaining in the hands of the Babylonians was safe, therefore in that blind moment they made the best decision. We will obey God even if it means blindly obeying. Whatever God says, whether good or bad, we shall obey.

You may not be sure whether to take up the job offer or not, to take up the business deal or not, but just resolve to obey God by ensuring you don’t break the sabbath and you don’t engage in unethical behaviour regardless of which direction things turn out. Resolve to obey God! You may be unsure on whether to accept a friendship proposal or marriage proposal, but resolve to obey God in not being yoked with an unbeliever. It may seem as an unwise blind decision but a blind decision to obey God is never blind as time will tell that God was safely guiding. Whether it is good or bad, just obey God!

We make wrong decisions out of limited visibility, but when we obey God under all circumstances, God takes over our deficiencies and limitations and in His divine power turns it to our blessings. When we obey God under all circumstances, we let God take over our lives. He takes over to protect. He takes over to guide. He takes over to ensure the desirable result is achieved. He takes over to ensure He is glorified and we praise Him. What a blessing when Almighty God takes over our lives, businesses, studies, etc. Nothing can and will ever go wrong permanently when God takes over. When God is responsible for the end, then success is assured. Whether it is good or bad, just obey God!

Whether it is good or bad, suggests that at times it is dangerous and seemingly unsafe to obey God. It is good to bey God when logically it makes sense to follow the will of God. When we can rationalise and see things clearly from human perspective. When all seems well and sensible, we say it is good to obey the LORD. When obedience to God facilitates good health, when obedience to God leads to blessings and better ratings in society. There are many times when it is good to obey the LORD, it is a pleasure and a joy.

Bad times of obedience are when obedience to God threatens to lead to loss of life, business, friends and other opportunities. The risk of obedience is so high and clear that, it seems it is a bad thing to obey the LORD. It seems bad to obey the LORD when it defies all senses and rational thinking. It seems bad to obey the LORD when all you need is disobeying once in order to take advantage of the opportunity. Bad times to obey God are when you are angry with God or His church or His people and you don’t want to trust anymore and you regret being a believer. When it seems God has let you down. Even in those bad times of being angry with God, it is safest in your anger to obey God. Israelites resolved that they will obey God even when it is foolish and leading to losses. Whether it is good or bad, just obey God!

The words of Israelites in our passage are that, if we obey God blindly, whether it is good or bad, it shall be well with us ultimately. An affirmation that God will not let you down. God cannot lose. God cannot be wrong or lead to failure. Obeying God is a safe bet so to speak. Obedience to God may not make sense now, but just obey anyway, it is a safe risk. Whether it is good or bad, just obey God!

May God grant us the grace to bey Him whether it is good or bad, and may it go well with us today and forever more, in Jesus name, Amen!(c)rkesis@gmail.com (do not delete any part of this post, including this. You are free to share these posts, but do not edit the authorship and content…thank you and be blessed!)

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