We Won’t Copy Them! 2

We Won’t Copy Them!

Micah 4:5 “All the nations may walk in the name of their gods; we will walk in the name of the LORD our God for ever and ever.”

Prophet Micah prophesied before the great Babylonian exile. Babylonian exile is considered the most severe punishment God gave Israel for its sins. It is generally called Babylonian exile, even though the ten tribes with headquarters at Samaria were taken to Assyria, while the two tribes with headquarters in Jerusalem, were taken to Babylon. Israel was taken to captivity for a period of seventy years. The captivity was so important in history, that we define Israelite time as either before exile (pre-exile/pre-exilic), during exile (exilic) or after exile (post-exile/post-exilic). Micah was a pre-exilic prophet. He prophesied that because of sin, God will punish the entire Israel. The first three chapters of the book of Micah focus on the nature of sin committed by Israelites and the coming punishment.

In chapter four of the book, prophet Micah predicts a time after exile when God will restore His people. A time of change and reformation for a better life in Israel and in obedience to God. During that time, Israel will see other nations building a lifestyle around their gods (this is what is translated as walking in the name of their gods), but Israel will refuse to get enticed, they will refuse to copy them. Though other nations will seem classy, advanced and having a good time with their gods, we won’t copy them, declares prophet Micah. We will build our lifestyle permanently around our LORD God. Our way may seem backward and boring, but we will stick to it. We won’t copy them!

When Israel arrived in the Promised Land, God warned them against copying the practices of other nations surrounding them (Deuteronomy 18:9). Israel did not listen to God. Israel copied their neighbours and consequently worshiped their gods. They copied the need for a human king from their neighbours (1 Samuel 8:5). Prophets after prophets warned them against copying other nations, until they suffered the consequences in exile (2 Chronicles 36:15-17). Now prophet Micah declares that, when Israel is fully restored to God, they will be proud of their God and their way of life, and they will not copy their neighbours. We won’t copy them!

To copy is to think less of yourself and think high of the one you copy. To copy is to surrender your destiny to the one you copy. To copy is to refuse to think on your own. To copy is to declare defeat. To copy is to steal what belongs to others and pretend that it is your own. We won’t copy them!

To copy is to take a risk that you didn’t calculate but someone else has, and therefore you don’t fully understand it. To copy is a thoughtless process of reproducing someone else in you, yet you too are worthy. To copy is shameful and embarrassing. Copying is left for low lives. We won’t copy them!

Copying is killing yourself and your unique way of life and ideas, in order to make another person’s stand out, because you think that he/she is better than yourself. Copying is a huge weakness and I believe at some level it could be declared as a mental illness. Copying kills variety and replaces it with uniformity. We won’t copy them!

Copying has killed cultures and languages making them extinct. Small groups with their cultures have copied large groups and their cultures, and lost their own. Religious groups and churches have lost their original purpose, and due to becoming like others, they have rendered themselves irrelevant. Due to copying others, students have forgotten why they went to school and ended up pursuing time wasting activities and at the end become failures. Due to copying in exams, graduates with high qualifications exhibit untold incompetence when given simple basic assignments, and many don’t make it beyond probation periods at work, and if they do, its because of a corrupt system. Due to copying their neighbours, families have incurred expenses for things that don’t make sense and ended up deep in debts. Copying has done more damage than good. Due to copying people are pursuing studies and goals they have no capacity for. Copying kills and wastes and eventually embarrasses. Prophet Micah declares that, when we come to our senses and are fully restored, we won’t copy them!

Micah insinuates that copying is associated to a time of sinfulness and hopelessness. At the time of backwardness people tend to copy. But When restoration and reformation comes, we won’t copy them. When we reform our ways and trust God, we won’t copy them. Why do we therefore copy our friends? Its because we are deeply sinful and on a path of hopelessness. Why do we copy the lifestyle of musicians, sports personalities, politicians, neighbours, etc.? It is because we are short of salvation and we are in need of lifestyle reform. When we are fully converted and learn to trust God, we won’t copy them. When by faith we believe that God has created us unique and we have a bright future in spite of what seems to be our weakness, we will not copy anyone, we will be proud of ourselves and who we are. We won’t copy them!

Whatever is copied brings frustrations instead of happiness. Whatever is copied is never understood fully. We copy because of superficial appearance. There is more to what we copy than we see. Every dress, music, activities have a history that caused them. Some are allegiances to foreign gods. Copying carries the risk of adopting what you would never have accepted into your life had you given it a thought. Copying has more ills than good. We won’t copy them!

Copying is most dangerous particularly in religious matters. Every religious move, sign, symbol, song, tattoo, dress, programme, recital and activity has an angle of allegiance to a foreign god. Copying religious designs, styles, activities, etc., comes with the risk of unknowingly worshiping other gods. Carelessly participating in religious rituals may end up subscribing you to gods you never thought you would worship. Because of such blind commitments, some people have become demon possessed and captured by demonic forces. Copy is not just innocent, it is risky and unwise. We won’t copy them!

May God save us from the inferiority and laziness that precipitates copying. May we find fulfillment and immense blessings in accepting who we are and in what God has put in us, in Jesus name. Amen! (C)rkesis@gmail.com (do not delete any part of this post, including this. You are free to share these posts but don’t edit the authorship or content… thank you and be blessed!)

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