BUC Church

Baraton University Church (BUC) of Seventh-day Adventists is as old as the university. BUC serves the students, faculty, staff and community within and without the university. BUC strives to be the home in which God changes lives, blesses people, answers prayers, gives hope and assures  a better tomorrow.

BUC offers daily worship services every evening 6pm-7pm for boarding students and whoever else wishes to attend. On Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (aka Sabbath),  the entire community meets for worship at 6pm-7pm. BUC has other special events which include but are not limited to camp meetings, Week of Spiritual Emphasis, Holy communions, Child Dedication,  Baptism, Seminars, etc.

BUC is an open community that serves an international congregation. Therefore BUC is accommodative of international tastes of worship. BUC believes that God has called people of all walks of life and cultures into its membership.

BUC seeks to spread it’s influence and effectiveness through Internet media. We are available and active and upto date on social media, YouTube and on this webpage.

Welcome to BUC! Good music is made here. Effective preaching is done here. Blessings flow here!

Written by

Pastor Rei Kesis