Too Much Of You!

Proverbs 25:17 “Seldom set foot in your neighbor’s house–too much of you, and he will hate you.”

While visiting a neighbor is good, the Bible warns that too much of you in your neighbor’s house will be toxic to your relationship with your neighbor. Too much of anything, including you is poison.

Neighbor as Jesus defined, is anyone and everyone within the circle of our influence, need and support. Our neighbors are those within the network of our regular operations and they include friends, relatives, workmates, business colleagues, service providers, clients, workmates and actual neighbor’s. We interact with them on a necessity basis and we shouldn’t water it down by too much of ourselves.

Neighbor’s house is any space they occupy, including social media platforms, phone call and text access, office desk, business premise, homes, etc.

We can irritate people by too much of us in frequent visits denying them privacy. We can be too much on social media with unsolicited forwards crowding their inboxes, long articles, bombarding inboxes with intimidating material on health or religion or whatever good advice and news or joke.

We can be too much if we gate crush events. We can be too much if we over stay during a visit. We can be too much if we call too frequently and for too long. We can be too much if we interrupt roadside consultations and insist to stay and listen in, though we were passing by. We can be too much if we keep asking for help without reading between the lines that the answer is no! We can be too much if each holiday we demand their company.

We can be too much, if they forward you this message and you still don’t get it! And I am conscious that these devotional posts may be too much for you, but you can’t say it, except by silence…be comforted, am figuring out how to know your real feeling and stop it or continue.

Value goes up with scarcity. Too much is cheap. Too much is desperate. Too much of you will break your relationships and lower your social standing. Allow your neighbors their privacy. Let them want you, let them seek you out. If they don’t, you didn’t matter anyway, go look for your ilk.

Many people are being avoided at work, during holidays, by neighbors, many hardly have their calls picked or texts responded to. Many are being dumped in relationships because they are too much! Be scarce, learn to diversify interests and activities to involve many varied people, so that you spent minimum time with each.

Put value in your privacy. Make your place comfortable enough, so that you don’t have to go out seeking people. Plan your visits and be very brief. If you must live with people, always retreat to a corner or room and let them be free without you. Don’t be too much all over even for your relatives, regardless of how immediate the relationship is. Too much of you is no good.

Unless you are very very close family, don’t contact anyone before 8am and after 8pm…regardless of how cheap the calls are at such a time. Those are considered personal hours…and any contact unless planned and agreed, is considered too much. Don’t just call to say hello it makes you appear too much, particularly for people who are not family and friends. Even in relationships, be keen in-case too much of you is suffocating your partner.

Ephesians 5:15 “Be very careful, then, how you live–not as unwise but as wise,” Let us be careful, lest in our religious zeal we become too much to our neighbors. Once you are considered too much…nobody cares about you or your God or what you share. Preachers visiting places to minister must not be too much, by making so many demands in food and comfort, and over staying after the work is done. When you are told feel free…don’t take it literally. If you are too much, you are considered desperate. Desperate offends instead of attract. A child of God should not be too much or desperate!

The Bible warns that too much of you will cause people to hate you. When you are hated, you live a low quality life and at the Mercy of others. Being too much could be a social problem, pray about it. Even when we are too much to anyone we can hardly notice it. May God help us to elude being too much to anyone in Jesus name. Amen!

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