This Was…now which is?

This Was…now which is?

1 Kings 13:34 “This was the sin of the house of Jeroboam that led to its downfall and to its destruction from the face of the earth.”

God out of His own choice and wisdom picked Jeroboam to lead the ten tribes of Israel. God made His will clear to Jeroboam while Solomon was alive. When Solomon died and his son Rehoboam took over leadership, God facilitated the break of the kingdom of 12 tribes into two kingdoms of 10 and 2. God gave Jeroboam the 10 tribes and Rehoboam 2 tribes.

Jeroboam out of fear that when people go to Jerusalem to worship they may restore their allegiance to Rehoboam, he decided to create golden calfs for people to worship. He quickly forgot that the kingdom was given by God and not his own wisdom. He forgot that when Rehoboam decided to fight him, it was God who intervened and saved him by prohibiting Rehoboam from any fight. Jeroboam forgot God’s power in his life and returned to his own wisdom that had never and would never deliver anything.

Therefore Jeroboam led the nation into idol worship, he also refused to listen to a man of God who came to prophesy before him and finally he appointed people to be priests who God had not qualified to be priests. The Bible gives a conclusion in the Bible text quoted above, that, this was the sin that cost Jeroboam his downfall and destruction from the face of the earth. This was the sin… Sin is the reason why Jeroboam failed. Not personality, not advisors around him, not lack of experience, not corruption and not weak systems. Sin brought down a man that God had chosen and handed a kingdom. Sin brought him down and still brings many other people, families, organisations, kingdoms and businesses. This was Jeroboam’s sin the Bible says, now which is your sin that threatens to bring you down? This was…now which is?

The Bible points at very specific incidences of sin that are responsible for the ultimate failure of Jeroboam. He was warned about these activities since they were sinful but he didn’t listen. What is it that you have been warned but cant listen? What is it that has been preached against but you persist? What is it that you know is wrong but you cant let go? What is it that is your most difficult bad habit to surrender? The Bible has clearly spelt out that this was Jeroboam’s sin that completely destroyed him and the entire family…now which is your? This was…now which is yours?

If you know in advance you can plead with God for power to overcome. If you know you can consciously seek divine intervention. Because your failure and my failure in life, is and will be because of sin and sin only. Other reasons are cover ups, but the real deal is sin. If you know that your ultimate failure and most embarrassing and miserable failure will be because of sin, you need to identify that sin and bring it before God in confession and repentance and you will be saved from sin and ultimate failure. You can identify your sin by what you hold onto when you know and have been told repeatedly that it is wrong. Jeroboam was told and he persisted in sin. This was Jeroboam’s sin that led to his ultimate failure…now which is yours? This was…now which is?

Jeroboam’s sin that brought him and his family down forever was idolatry, refusal to listen to the man of God and appointing unqualified priests. What about you? Is it hate, sexual immorality, drug abuse, defiance of church authority, theft, consulting witches, murder, hypocrisy, rejection of clear Bible teachings, failure to keep the Sabbath, giving incomplete tithes, giving negligible offerings, absence from worship, refusal to forgive, reluctance to apologise…? Which is the sin that threatens to forever destroy your God given favours and blessings of success. For Jeroboam we know but what about you? This was…now which is?

May God reveal to us today the sins that may cost us eternal life and success in the present life. May God grant us grace to repent of those sins and never be victims of sin as Jeroboam was. May God save us and bless us in Jesus name, Amen!(c) (do not delete any part of this post, including this. You are free to share these posts but do not edit the authorship or content…thank you and be blessed!)

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