Success Or Failure Depends On Origin

Success Or Failure Depends On Origin

Acts 5:38 “Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail.
(5:39) But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.”

These are the words of Gamaliel a highly honored teacher of the LORD law. Gamaliel was speaking to the Sanhedrin council (a full sitting of Israel Elders). The Sanhedrin was wondering what to do with Peter and the other Apostles, because they had arrested them earlier but an angel saved them miraculously from prison and now this was the second arrest and questioning. Gamaliel gives the advice in our text today. Gamaliel tells the Sanhedrin that though they wish to see Peter and the other Apostles fail in their gospel preaching, they need to know, that success or failure depends on origin of their activities.

Origin determines the hidden power driving the activities. Origin determines on whose behest they act. Origin is who inspires the ideas being propagates or worked on. Origin is whose interests are being served. Success or failure depends on origin.

Gamaliel rightly sees two possible origins of any human effort or activity. Human origin or Divine origin. Human origin means, it’s human beings of themselves without God. It’s of human origin because it does not involve God. Human origin is inspired by human interests, passions and purposes. Human beings do things for self-preservation, greed, selfishness, jealous and competition.

Human origin means the power driving and supporting the activities are human. Human beings are limited in perception, in wisdom, in abilities, resources and in every way. Therefore anything human, since it is without unlimited divine backing, it will fail. Anything of human origin will soon be unable to address changing unforeseeable circumstances, or will face a shortage and limitations beyond its power. Anything of human origin will fail soon or later.

Divine origin on the other hand, means that, it is initiated by God, driven by God, inspired by God, protected by God, guided by God and it meets God’s interests. God’s interests includes the world and humanity and each of us, because He created us and gives us life everyday, and when we sinned and were bound to perish, He died and resurrected to save us, therefore we live for Him. We can therefore live our life for ourselves and make it of human origin, or we live for God according to His will, and make our everyday life of Divine origin.

Divine has no limit, no end and no possibility of even thinking and imagining failure. Even when all odds are stacked against the Divine, it succeeds anyway. Divine can defy market forces, laws of nature, time limit and resource limitations. Divine even when it seems it has failed, proves our perception wrong and still comes out victorious. Divine has never and will never fail. Success or failure depends on origin.

Gamaliel tells the Sanhedrin council not to fight Peter and the Apostles, because if their activities are of human origin, it won’t last, failure is around the corner. Gamaliel also advises that, if their activities are of divine origin, then the Sanhedrin will actually be fighting God, and the Sanhedrin will fail badly, because God does not fail. Success or failure depends on origin.

We only fight because our activities and interests are of human origin. Otherwise those working on Divine purposes never fight. God fights their battles. Do you like picking fights with all and sundry? That indicates that your interests and activities are of human origin. Do you feel like assisting God to fight battles and protect interests? That is telling, that you are operating on a bound to fail human origin. Gamaliel’s advice is don’t fight, give it time. Do you feel like fighting today? Are you in a war mood, to prove a point? Don’t fight give it time. Success or failure depends on origin.

Those who fight fail, because they fight God who does not fail. Those who trust God to fight their battles, always come out victorious regardless of circumstances surrounding them. When you let God fight for you, He sometimes let’s situations seem like hopeless and too late to succeed, but those who trust Him, ultimately succeed. Let your life be of God’s interests and purposes. Success or failure depends on origin.

We all everyday stare at success and failure as we go through life. Success or failure at work, in business, in school, in relationships, in marriage, in our spiritual life, in our social life, in our projects, in our finances, in our health, etc. If we do these things without God and without following His word, we are acting from human origin and failure isn’t very far from now. But if we pray and plead with God to let us live for Him, and we follow His word, we will never fail, even when we seem to have failed, because we are operating from divine origin. Success or failure depends on origin.

Dear God, my entire life I have been from human origin, picking fights, and ever failing, please forgive me. Kindly take my entire life and let me live for you my dear God, fight my battles and give me success in Jesus name. Amen! (C) (do not delete any part of this post, including this. You are free to share these posts but don’t edit the authorship or content… thank you and be blessed!)

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