Sequence Of End-Time Events

1. Life goes on today as usual. All seems normal as it was during Noah’s Time. Marriage and giving in to marriage. Eating and drinking all is normal and it doesn’t seem the end is coming. *Matthew 24:38-39* .

2. Meanwhile as it seems all is normal it is not. Judgment of human beings based on heavenly records is going on and people’s fate is being decided eternally. *Daniel 7:9-13. 1 Peter 4:17*. The only hope is for anyone who sins to take advantage of the fact that Jesus is still Mediating for sinners aka DOOR OF MERCY IS STILL OPEN AKA PROBATION HASN’T CLOSED. See number 4 for closing of this door *. 1 John 2:1-2* .

3. As life goes on as usual, the life on earth will keep degenerating because of sin. Satan will use the opportunity to cause religious unity for purposes of promoting a worship opposed to God. A religious organisation (1st beast of *Revelation 13:1-10* ) will unite with a superpower nation (2nd beast of *Revelation 13:11-18* ) in order to enforce a worship opposed to worship established by God. Righteous people will be persecuted for refusing to comply. This will be the last opportunity for people to choose sides for God or Satan. The situation will look innocent and masquerade as economic and political, but it will be deeply religious.

4. At the end of the currently on going judgment based on heavenly records, and as people clearly take sides, the DOOR OF MERCY WILL BE SHUT, AKA PROBATION CLOSES. No hope of salvation for anyone anymore. The saved are saved and the lost are lost. Fate of each one is sealed eternally. See number 2 for when the door is open. *Revelation 22:11*.

5. The Seven last plagues are unleashed on earth after probation closes. Through the seven last plagues, God will revenge for all the evil done to His people. That is why for now He says do not revenge because I will ( *Romans 12:19* ). The seven last plagues will target the wicked. But even in the pain of the plagues…they will not repent. The plagues will bring life on earth as we know it to a stand still forever. No more school, work, business, etc. *Revelation 15 & 16*.

6. During the Seventh plague upon the earth…when terror of God has rained on the wicked…and the terror of the righteous is directed to the righteous… then Christ will appear with the heavenly hosts from the eastern skies. His entourage will seem like a small cloud but which will keep growing bigger by the minute and brighter. Jesus’s return is here as He promised! He saves the righteous before they are destroyed by the wicked. *Revelation 16:17-21. Revelation 19:11-21* .

7. *As Jesus Returns* . Everyone witnesses. The living righteous witness it. The dead righteous are resurrected to witness it. The living wicked witness it. The general dead wicked will witness it during the second resurrection. However Jesus promised ( *Matthew 26:64 & Mark 14:62* ) the people who tortured Him, that they will witness His return as a King. That promise by Jesus to the wicked who tortured Him, if fulfilled during the 1st resurrection, it will be a special resurrection. Otherwise, it can still be counted fulfilled during the 2nd resurrection. Therefore everyone will witness Christ’s return. No secrecy. It is loud with trumpets. It is bright with glory. It is painful for the wicked. It is Joy for the righteous. *Isaiah 25:9. Revelation 1:7* .

8. *As Jesus Returns* . The wicked on sighting Him…discover the folly of their lives…they try to run and hide in vain…they all die. *Revelation 6:15-17* .

9. *As Jesus Returns* . The trumpet sound of God raises the righteous dead, but the wicked dead remain dead. The righteous dead now resurrected, join the living righteous who were found alive, and they are changed and gathered by angels to meet Jesus in the sky! *THIS IS THE FIRST RESURRECTION* . *1 Corinthians 15:50-57. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18*.

10. The righteous gone to heaven with Jesus for 1000 years aka the millennium. The wicked dead on earth. No life on earth except the devil and his angels. That situation where the devil is all alone on earth, is what the Bible calls imprisonment of Satan. Imprisonment for 1000 years aka the millennium. *Revelation 20: 1-3* .

11. *During the millennium* . Satan in prison on earth. Wicked dead. Righteous in heaven to audit heavenly records to confirm that God was right to save those He saved and reject the lost. This exercise will take 1000 years aka the millennium. *1 Corinthians 6:2-3. Revelation 20:4-6* .

12. *After the Millennium* . (A) The righteous enter the mobile Jerusalem city and ride with God down towards earth. (B) Satan is released from his prison. All the wicked are resurrected. *THIS IS THE SECOND RESURRECTION* . The wicked are deceived by Satan for the last time and they attempt to attack the descending city of Jerusalem laden with saints, God and heavenly host. (C) As Satan attempts to attack God’s city…fire comes from God and destroys them. This is the Hell fire that destroys everyone and everything outside Jerusalem city of God. *Revelation 20:7-10,14-15*.

13. *Hell Fires Won’t Burn Forever* . *Jude 1:7* suggests that Sodom and Gomorah experienced the punishment of Eternal fire. Sodom and Gomorah are no longer burning. But the consequences of the fire (death and destruction) are on permanent or eternal. The fires of Sodom and Gomorah went off…but the consequences of that fire (death and destruction) are permanent. Hell fire will burn to an end. But the consequences of Hell fire (death of the wicked, the devil, demons and destruction of this world) are Eternal. Because the Hell fires have permanent, unchangeable consequences, they are corrected by rendered figuratively as burning eternally. The second reason why Hell fires may not burn forever is God promises a complete end to sin. Eternal burning suggests that sin is still burning and hasn’t been fully destroyed. Hell fire must have an end because also God does not take pleasure in witnessing sinners suffer death. *Ezekiel 18:32* .

14. After the Hell fires clear everything and everyone outside Jerusalem city of God, then God will create a new heaven and a new earth. New Jerusalem laden with saints will land on earth. God will live with the righteous forever. No more pain and consequences of sin. It is Eternal bliss. *Revelation 21:1-4*.

Clearly friends a better life awaits us. Slowly and unknown to us but surely, we are hurtling towards the end of life as we know it. When God ushers in a better life without end, may we be there in Jesus name. Amen!

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Written by

Pastor Rei Kesis