Seek Me And Live!

Seek Me And Live!

Amos 5:4 “This is what the LORD says to the house of Israel: ” Seek me and live;
(5:5) do not seek Bethel, do not go to Gilgal, do not journey to Beersheba. For Gilgal will surely go into exile, and Bethel will be reduced to nothing.”
(5:6) Seek the LORD and live, or he will sweep through the house of Joseph like a fire; it will devour, and Bethel will have no one to quench it.”

Amos spoke to Israel at a time of great national fear and threat. Enemy nations greater and fierce than Israel threatened to come and take over Israel, kill people and enslave others. In desperation they sought ways to survive the coming big threat. God advised through His prophet that, seek Me and you will live.

The threat was so big that a military response from Israel was ruled out. Diplomacy and a peace treaty were not options. Therefore Israel resorted to divine intervention, since all human efforts had stretched to the limit. At this point God sends Amos to give them a formula of survival, seek Me and live!

Bethel, Gilgal and Beersheba were centers that were once used to worship the true God but had now become shrines of idolatry. God clearly says that going to such places will bring certain ruin and destruction and death. God says through the prophet that don’t go there. These three places stood for false unacceptable worship. In times of crisis, only true worship will bring success and hope and life. Are you in a crisis? God says, don’t go to false religions and denominations and to witches. You will perish there! Ask yourself, am I participating in true biblical worship? If not, it will be your downfall and end when crisis comes. Seek Me and live!

Seek Me means consult God. Seek Me means worship the true God. Seek Me means repent and return to a good relationship with God. The promise is clearly stated that those who seek will live. In whatever crisis, those who seek God will live. Seek Me and live!

Are you at the point where conventional solutions don’t work? No amount of reading will change your fate in the exam? No amount of saving and austerity measures will improve your finances? No amount of Counseling and reading relationship books will change your loneliness and or marriage woes? No amount of marketing and rebranding and re-strategizing will change the graph of losses? Is the sickness obviously terminal? Is the parenting helpless? God says to you today, seek Me and it shall be well. Seek Me and live!

To Seek is to repent, return to a good relationship with God, worship God the biblical way and consult God on the matter. If you do this…you will survive this great challenge. Seek Me and live!

Father God teach me and enable me to seek you and you alone. I pray that I will live and survive through this day, this challenge and this situation and come out victorious, in Jesus name. Amen! (C) (do not delete any part of this post, including this. You are free to share these posts but don’t edit the authorship or content… thank you and be blessed!)

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