Sabbath Day & Sabbath Keeping 1

Sabbath Day & Sabbath Keeping

The Law and the Sabbath

The sabbath is a day of worship that is referred to throughout scriptures. It is part of the two major laws of the Bible. It is in the law of God the ten commandments as a reference to seventh-day of the week day of rest. It is in the law of Moses as a reference to not just the seventh-day of the week day of rest, but also a reference to various annual and extra-annual religious festivals. Colossians 2:14-17 makes a reference to the law that was nailed to the cross and therefore came to an end at the cross. That law prepared people for the coming of Christ. That law is identified as the law that was against the Israelite people. Deuteronomy 31:26 tells us that, it is the law of Moses that was against the Israelite people. Therefore it is the law of Moses and not the ten commandments of God that came to an end at the cross of Christ. We therefore remain with the Sabbath in the ten commandments as the one required to be kept.

The purpose of the sabbath

The purpose of the sabbath should be made clear. The Sabbath was not given to celebrate the Sunday morning resurrection of Jesus, no! Resurrection is celebrated by baptism, Colossians 2:12 and Romans 6:3-4.

Revelation 14:7 has almost similar wordings as the Sabbath command in Exodus 20:11. Revelation 14:7 is a final appeal, that as we near the end of time, we must worship God as Creator of the heavens and earth, and sea and springs of water. To worship God as a Creator is by keeping the Sabbath. The sabbath itself marked the end of the creative work of God. The purpose of the Sabbath is to worship God as a Creator.

The Sabbath is Saturday

The sabbath is referred to as the seventh-day after creation, Genesis 2:1-3. Not any of the seven days. In the Exodus 20:8-11 command it is again referred to as the Seventh-day of the week. The sabbath is not any of the seven days of the week, but the seventh-day of the week. The Bible is particular.

Luke 23:52-56 reveals to us which is the biblical present day seventh-day of the week. That passage tells us that the day when Jesus died on the cross and was buried, the day which we call good Friday and the day which Jews call preparation day, is the day before the sabbath. Friday is therefore identified biblically as the day before the Sabbath that the Bible teaches and Jesus and His disciples kept. If Friday is the day before the Sabbath, then, the day after Friday which is Saturday is the sabbath. The biblical Sabbath is Saturday.

Luke 24:1-5 reveals to us that the day Jesus resurrected from the grave, the day we call Sunday, the Bible calls it, the first day of the week. Therefore if Sunday is the first day of the week and the biblical sabbath is the seventh-day of the week, then what we call Saturday is the biblical seventh-day of the week.

Jesus and the Disciples Kept the Sabbath

Luke 4:16 tells us that it was the custom of Jesus to keep the Sabbath. Custom means a permanent way of life and not occasional. Acts 16:13 is an incident where Apostles continued keeping the Sabbath almost 20 years after Jesus ascended to heaven. Keeping the Sabbath did not end with the cross of christ, even for His most faithful followers who died cruel death to uphold His teachings. Jesus kept the Sabbath and so did His disciples until they met their death as martyrs.

The Lord’s day Is the Sabbath

Revelation 1:10 tells us that John the Revelator was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day. The Lord’s day is a reference to Saturday sabbath according to the Bible. Exodus 20:10 calls the Sabbath, the Lord’s day. Mark 2:27-28 calls the sabbath, the Lord’s day. No other day is titled the Lord’s day, only the sabbath, which is also Saturday.

Origin of Sunday Worship

Emperor Constantine on March 07, 321 AD declared Sunday to be a compulsory civil day of rest. This was the first civil Sunday law. The Roman Catholic council of Laodecia that met in AD 336 (other authorities say that it is AD 364), arrived at a conclusion to change the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday for all christians. This is not a biblical decision and does not affect the decision. We must choose whether the Bible is superior to church councils or inferior to them. If the Bible is inferior, then we will accept Sunday as a day of worship since the church council said so. If the Bible is superior, then we cannot continue keeping Sunday as a day of worship since its contrary to the biblical Saturday day of worship.

Mark of the Beast or Seal of God?

Revelation 14:9-10 warns against receiving the mark of the beast. The beast opposes God. The mark of the beast is Sunday worship. The mark of the beast is received either on the forehead or right hand. Receiving the mark of the beast on the forehead is to consciously believe that Sunday is the day of worship, to be convicted in your head in your mind. To receive the mark of the beast on the right hand is to keep Sunday as a day of worship out of convenience and not conviction. You know it is wrong but its convenient. Whichever way you receive the mark of the beast, you become a subject of God’s wrath and eternal destruction, unless you repent now.

Revelation 7:3 talks of the seal of God. The seal of God is keeping the biblical sabbath. The seal of God is placed only on the forehead, nothing on the right hand. That means it is only for those who are convicted and convinced not out of convenience. Only those with the seal of God will survive the coming wrath of God against the world.

This is not to suggest that only sabbath keepers will be saved, no. Judgment belongs to God. He will save as He judges best. We believe there are people who will be saved who may have never kept the Sabbath, because they didn’t know. But those who know the true sabbath and deliberately refuse to keep it, will be lost forever.

How to keep the Sabbath

James 1:22 tells us that we should not just listen and understand the word, we should put those teachings into practice. Therefore knowing the sabbath is not enough. Keeping it as the Bible teaches is important. To know without keeping it is to break it.

Exodus 20:8-11 (1)we keep the sabbath by working hard and doing all our work for six days. If you don’t work and do all your work for six days, then you will not be properly keeping the sabbath when it comes. sabbath keepers must be hard working productive people. excelling in studies, work and business. (2) We keep the sabbath by not doing our regular work that we do in six days (3) we keep the Sabbath by ensuring that those within our authority don’t break it within our sphere of influence

Isaiah 58:13-14 (4) deliberately ensure you don’t break the sabbath – keep your feet from breaking the Sabbath (5) Call the sabbath a delight, be happy and don’t treat it as a burden (6) Don’t pursue your own agenda on Sabbath, God is the priority (7) no idle speaking.

On Sabbath

1. We don’t study our academic work, not even for exams – that will be breaking the sabbath

2. We don’t go to the garden to attend to crops – we can do this on another day

3. We don’t go shopping – we can do this during other days

4. We don’t attend ceremonies like weddings and funerals, etc. – ceremonies are not emergencies

5. We don’t go to tour places and visit people – we can do that on other days

6. we try our best to avoid causing other people to break the Sabbath

7. On sabbath we can attend to any emergency to save property and life

On sabbath

1. We must attend worship with other believers or in places where we don’t have believers we conduct our own private worship

2. We actively participate in worship

3. We visit the sick and other unfortunate people

Sabbath Time

Genesis 1 tells us that a biblical day is accounted for, from sunset evening to sunset evening, and not midnight or day time only. Therefore Sabbath is from Friday evening at sunset to Saturday evening at sunset. we avoid using the exact evening time for it varies from place to place. The best determinant of Sabbath time is sunset.

We therefore keep the sabbath from Friday sunset to sabbath sunset.

Isaiah 58:14 tells us there are blessings for keeping the sabbath. may sabbath blessings bring us more other blessings as we keep it according to the Bible, in Jesus name, Amen!(c) (do not delete any part of this post, including this. You are free to share these posts, but do not edit the authorship and content….thank you and be blessed!)

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