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Acts 16:25 “About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them.”

Midnight is part of the cycle of daily life. Midnight therefore comes to each life regularly. Midnight comes but doesn’t stay…midnight goes too!

Midnight is dark. Midnight can be lonely and cold. Midnight is threatening too. Midnight comes with many risks. Midnight is dreaded by all.

When you find yourself at midnight of life what do you do? Midnight of marriage. Midnight of your relationship. Midnight of education. Midnight of your career. Midnight of your business. Midnight of parenting. Midnight of finances. Midnight of health. Midnight of darkness and almost no light. Midnight of despair and hopelessness. What do you do at midnight?

Our text today recommends that at midnight…pray and singing praises to God! We don’t pray to change the midnight… midnight will change by God’s design…Midnight is transient we pray for power to wait as it passes. All midnights will pass, but many perish at midnight…pray so that you are sustained until midnight passes as designed by God

Sing praises to God. Why? Because midnight is a time of negativity and pessimism. More negative energy makes worse what is bad. Choose positivity. See hope. Hang on dim lights. As midnight must pass…only the positive minded will survive their midnight. But the positivity must be based on faith in God, not experience, not resources and not on human promises or counsel. At midnight… sing praises to God.

Are you experiencing a midnight moment? It will pass in Jesus name! Meanwhile recommended activities are prayer and singing praises to God! When Paul and Silas prayed and sung praises to their God at midnight…their prison was opened and morning came.

May we survive our midnight today! May we be enabled by God to engage in recommended midnight activities. May our prisons open at midnight and may morning come, in the name of Jesus. Amen! (C)

Written by

Pastor Rei Kesis

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