Now I AM Is Keeping Watch! 3

Now I AM Is Keeping Watch!

Zechariah 9:8 “But I will defend my house against marauding forces. Never again will an oppressor overrun my people, for now I am keeping watch.”

Zechariah is a prophet who served after Babylonian exile (We have explained the importance of Babylonian exile in Israelite history. This explanation is in the first paragraph of our blog entitled – We Wont Copy Them). He speaks of restoration. He focuses on a new life under God, in obedience to God. Zechariah is generally a prophet of hope, a preacher focusing on a better tomorrow.

Though the people are now free from their oppressor(s), they still live in fear of them. The oppressor(s) are roaming free, both near and far. The risk of being enslaved and suffering captivity is real everyday. No one is at peace!

God sends a message to the troubled people of Israel through prophet Zechariah. God makes a promise that is supposed to give them peace in the presence of a real storm of fear and threats. God makes a promise that is reliable and sure. God tells them that, He Himself, will defend His house against marauding forces. God assures them, that on the defense is God, not a poorly trained army. On the defense is God not a demoralized army. On the defense is God, not an army that can be fatigued, surprised, out-manouvered and overwhelmed. On the defence is God who cannot run out of resources. On the defense is God who under all circumstances has never lost a contest or battle. On the defense is God who opened the Red sea for Israelites to cross and on the same sea drowned Egyptians. On the defense is God who stopped the sun for three hours to let Joshua win the war. On the defense is God who brought down Jericho without weapons and gave Gideon victory with the smallest army against the largest. On the defense is God… It is that God who says, that He Himself will defend Israel against marauding forces.

Israelites looked at the enemies around them, and kept wondering, what if we are attacked again? What if our army fails? What if a small human error takes us back to captivity? All the what if questions paint a picture of a grave situation, and fear abounds. God responds through, prophet Zechariah, and assures them that, never again will an oppressor overrun my people. For every what if question, God answers with never again. God tells the people to stay easy and trust Him, for it won’t happen again. God’s reliable active word is that, it won’t happen again!

Why won’t it happen again? The last time it happened when we thought it won’t happen. The last time it happened when the army was most equipped, trained and prepared. The last time it happened when we were stronger than we are today. The last time it happened under the best generals and military experience. Why won’t it happen again, Israel wonders. God says, it won’t happen again, because that time you and your best were in charge, but from now on, I am keeping watch! It won’t happen again because the I AM is keeping watch. The I AM is a name of victory given to Moses as he went to face Egyptian might. The I AM is still an assurance of victory. The I AM is keeping watch, it won’t happen again!

Exodus 3:14 “God said to Moses, “I am who I am.” And he said, “Say this to the people of Israel: ‘I am has sent me to you.’” “I AM is the name of God. When Moses needed an assurance of victory, God told him that, I AM will be with him. When Moses wondered how Israel will be assured of victory, God told him to tell them that, I AM has sent him and I AM will deliver victory. I AM suggests continuous presence. I AM is authority and power and might combined. Nothing has ever and will ever challenge, stop or defeat the I AM. When you are with I AM, you are victorious even in seeming failure.

Our biggest problem is that we go alone into business challenges. We go alone into academic difficulties. We go alone into the storms of relationships and marriage. We go alone into the employer world of demands, expectations and deadlines. We go alone into the world of disease and death. We go alone into insecure neighborhoods. Our biggest point and reason of failure is that we go without the I AM. Israel was told by prophet Zechariah, you will be safe from now on, because, I the I AM, I am now keeping watch. What is your greatest fear and challenge today? Let the I AM deal with it. Let the I AM solve it. Have faith in the I AM. Let the I AM now keep watch!

That word, now, the word, now, suggests something of the present is contrasting the past. I am now keeping watch, says the LORD God through prophet Zechariah. That word, now, means in the past, it wasn’t God who was keeping charge, but now, He takes over. Because, now, He is taking over there is assurance of safety, victory and prosperity. Now I AM is keeping watch. Previously you went alone into the murky waters of betrayal. Previously you went alone into disappointment, heartache, pain and fear. Previously you faced and handled failure and losses alone. Previously, all you had was your experience and wisdom. Previously the I AM wasn’t involved. But, now, you can invite Him. But, now, you can go with Him and be assured that all will be well regardless of the circumstances. It shall be well, because, now I AM is keeping watch! Today will be better than yesterday, because now the I AM is keeping watch. Tomorrow there is nothing to fear but everything to hope for, because now the I AM is keeping watch. Now I AM is keeping watch!

May the I AM defend and keep watch over us today and forever, in Jesus name. Amen! (C) (do not delete any part of this post, including this. You are free to share these posts but don’t edit the authorship or content…thank you and be blessed!)

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3 thoughts on “Now I AM Is Keeping Watch!

  • Osoro Atina

    Indeed am touched by the word, I have been through a lot in the world alone without involving the I AM, I have been like the Israelites every time I ask my self what if? It has been a song and I know its not me alone… Its a benefit of daut but I want to learn not to daut the I AM again.
    Keep me in prayer as I start the journey with I AM.
    Osoro Atina