It’s Not Obvious Or Natural But Divine

Daniel 2:39 “After you, another kingdom will rise, inferior to yours . Next, a third kingdom, one of bronze, will rule over the whole earth….”

In Daniel 2 God reveals to King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, through Prophet Daniel, the order of Kingdoms that will rule the world till the end of time. The kingdoms are defined by their wealth and strength. There is a Kingdom of Gold, another of silver, another of bronze, another of iron, another of mixed iron and clay, and finally another of stone or rock.

The material representing the kingdom reveals it’s wealth and strength. There is superior and inferior material. Gold is superior to all, while stone is inferior to all. In the obvious human perception and in the natural order of things the superior replaces the inferior. But in God’s divine plan the humanly impossible happens. The inferior replaces the superior. An inferior Kingdom wealthwise and millitarywise replaces a superior one. Why does inferior replace superior? Because it’s not human or obvious rules at play but the divine!

Gold is superior to silver but silver overthrew gold! Silver is superior to bronze but bronze overthrew silver. Bronze is superior to iron but iron overthrew bronze. The most inferior is stone, but that stone overthrew all the other superior kingdoms and ruled forever…the stone represents the soon coming Kingdom of God, that will mark end of life as we know it today, it will be end of the world and beginning of Eternal Life.

Some quick lessons. (1) Without God your superiority in whatever way does not guarantee permanent success in anything, an inferior may otherthrow and replace you. (2) Don’t feel too secure if you survey around you and all is inferior except you (3) With God, your inferiority does not write you off, you have a chance to succeed. (4) The inferior have no chance in the obvious order of life or when natural rules apply, except when divine is in charge. (5) God’s kingdom is perceived as weak and inferior compared to the human gold, silver, bronze and iron kingdoms…but it is this cheap looking and inferior Kingdom that will reign forever! (6) you are better off dealing with God and being part of His kingdom, for in it, the inferior have a chance and the superior must survive by trusting God as opposed to their superiority. (7) The divine will supersede all natural and obvious rules and order of things, daily and ultimately.

Are you superior or inferior in business, in class, at work, in a relationship, in financial matters, in the family, in spiritual matters or even healthwise? David was considered inferior. Gideon was inferior. Christ’s disciples were inferior characters. Christ came from Nazareth an inferior background. There is hope for the inferior because the rules governing progression of life are not obvious or natural but divine!

There is hope today for the inferior because what is at play is not natural or obvious but the divine! May the inferior replace the superior today, for God’s glory, in Jesus name. Amen!

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