Is The Kenyan “Huduma Number” the biblical 666? 8

Is The Kenyan “Huduma Number” the biblical 666?

R T Kesis

Revelation 13:16

Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead,

Revelation 13:17

so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.

Revelation 13:18

This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.

Welcome to this brief study to help us answer the question at hand. Is the Kenyan “Huduma Number” the biblical 666? This paper is divided into the following parts

  1. Introduction of the problem
  2. A quick understanding of Revelation 13
  3. Number 666 fodder for conspiracy
  4. Facts about 666
  5. Conclusion

Introduction of the problem

The Kenya government in April 2019 rolled out a process to register its citizens and long term visitors afresh. Anyone above six years old must be registered for free. The purpose according to the government of Kenya is to ensure that each citizen has one identification number, dubbed as “huduma number,” for all government provided services. Currently the Kenyan citizens have varied numbers for driving license, tax returns, identification, pension scheme, hospital insurance, etc. This registration move is intended to facilitate better planning, service production and identification of citizens. The process will also secure the country in the face of increased terror attacks.

The entire political opposition is united with the government in supporting and promoting this new “huduma number.” The courts listened to those opposed to the “huduma number” and still allowed the government to go ahead with plans to register the citizens. The only opposition to this number is coming from unclear quarters who are churning out social media posts claiming that, the “huduma number” is the abhorred biblical number of 666 found in Revelation 13. We are also aware that the theories are not new, and have kept reappearing whenever governments make certain decisions or there is new technology, such as tax return numbers or PIN number, micro chips placed under the skin, etc. The world over these theories have never ceased, therefore “huduma number” isn’t the first or last on this matter of being suspected to be the biblical 666.

Genuine believers wish to know therefore, is the Kenyan “huduma number” the biblical 666?

A Quick Understanding of Revelation 13

To appreciate the following explanations, read through Revelation 13 first before reading the explanations below. Make references to your Bible as you go through this explanation. Take note of questions you have and keep reading. 

Revelation 13 is the only place in the Bible that the number 666 is mentioned. The narrative in Revelation 13 is related to other parts of the Bible especially other passages in the book of Revelation itself and the book of Daniel. Revelation 13 introduces two beasts. Beasts represent kingdoms or governments according to Revelation 17:7-14.

The first beast of Revelation 13:1-10 has been interpreted to refer to Roman Catholicism. Roman Catholicism once reigned in Europe from Rome, and currently reigns from Vatican, therefore it is a kingdom or government of sorts. The dragon mentioned in the passage is satan, according to Revelation 12:9. The first beast has been interpreted as Roman Catholicism because verse 5 refers to forty two months, which have been interpreted to be 1260 years of the reign of Roman Catholicism, from 538AD to 1798AD. Biblical prophecy reckoning is one day is equal to one year, and one month has 30 days. Therefore 42 months are 1260 days or years. Revelation 13 verse 7 refers to the time Roman Catholicism persecuted the saints during its reign over Europe. 

Revelation 13:3 refers to the beast as once wounded and now recovered. This is a reference to when the reign of Roman Catholicism was brought to an end by the arrest and imprisoning of the pope in 1798. Catholicism seems to have suffered a fatal blow, but as of today it has recovered and the office of the pope restored to its international respect and honour. For those brief reasons which can be discussed further and deeper, the first beast of Revelation 13 has been correctly interpreted by some Bible students, as referring to Roman Catholicism.

The second beast of Revelation 13:11-18 has been interpreted to refer to the United States of America (USA). Revelation 17:15 “And the angel said to me, “The waters that you saw, where the prostitute is seated, are peoples and multitudes and nations and languages.” All other beasts or governments in Bible prophecy arise out of water except this second beast of Revelation 13. Beasts arising out of water is interpreted to mean, governments that emerge from already inhabited places and organised communities. This second beast of Revelation 13:11 arises from a dry ground a reference to a government emerging from a place that was not inhabited, or was sparsely inhabited and had no notable community of people. This has been said to be the origin of United States of America, emerging from the coming together of immigrants and slaves. Revelation 13:12 has been interpreted to refer to the relationship of the USA and Vatican.

The image of the beast in Revelation 13:14-15 is interpreted to be a replica of what the beast or Vatican is. Vatican is a combination of church and state. The Pope heads Vatican as head of state and also heads the Roman Catholic Church. Image of the beast therefore is when USA will accept the coming together and working together of church and state. That will be an image of the beast. Only that this time, it is not Roman Catholicism per se combining with the state, but apostate protestantism combining with the state, but bent on the same purpose of Roman Catholicism to oppose the given biblical teachings. Currently separation of church and state is widely championed, but it won’t be long according to interpretation of this prophecy. The image of the beast is when apostate protestantism uses the state to enforce its teachings and practices on the world.

Apostate protestantism is protestantism that has been compromised from opposing the unbiblical Roman Catholic teachings that led to the great reformation. Apostate protestantism now embraces key unbiblical teachings of Roman Catholicism as biblical truths. Hence the name, apostate protestantism. Not all protestants are apostate. Apostate Protestantism itself is also an image or a copy of Roman Catholicism, they still share the same basic teachings that may not necessarily be biblical. For example, Catholicism changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday and apostate protestants have stuck to it. Roman Catholicism teaches immortality of the soul and apostate protestants have fully subscribed to the teaching. Therefore Apostate Protestantism is also the image of catholicism. The image of the beast!

Therefore the second beast (interpreted as USA) solely exists to support and empower the first beast(Roman Catholicism) and its image (Apostate Protestantism) to achieve their goals. In simpler terms, USA exists prophetically, only to support Roman Catholicism and Apostate Protestantism to achieve their goal. The goal of Roman Catholicism and Apostate Protestantism is to promote its teachings and beliefs even though they are opposed to what the Bible expressly states. 

Therefore as Revelation 13:16-17 puts it, people of all walks of life will be forced to adhere to this religious agenda of the beasts and the image, or their economic life is frustrated. Those who support this unbiblical religious agenda will receive what the Bible calls Mark of the beast. Mark of the beast identifies those opposed to God but support the agenda of the beasts and the image.

Mark of the beast is Worshipping on Sunday in opposition to the biblical requirement to worship on Sabbath Saturday.  Sunday worship is not yet the mark of the beast. “Sunday keeping is not yet the mark of the beast, and will not be until the decree goes forth causing men to worship this idol sabbath. The time will come when this day will be the test, but that time has not come yet.” (MS 118, 1899)

We summarise Revelation 13 by interpreting it as follows; that Roman Catholicism working with USA and Apostate Protestantism, will seek to enforce non-biblical teachings and practices as if they are biblical, key among them is Sunday worship. Those who will not support this coalition will receive economic sanctions. Others will be persecuted even to death. To survive the onslaught of this evil coalition, one must have the mark of the beast Revelation 13:16 on the right hand or on the forehead. 

To have the mark of the beast on your right hand is to accept to worship on Sunday instead of the biblical Sabbath – Saturday, because it is convenient for your work, study and personal business. To have the mark of the beast on your forehead is to be wrongly and falsely convicted that worshipping on Sunday is biblical. Whether out of convenience (right hand) or conviction (forehead) if one receives the mark of the beast they are bound to eternal loss in Hell fire. 

But the seal of God Revelation 7:3 is only placed on the forehead, that is by conviction alone (forehead), never by convenience (right hand). The Seal of God is the true Sabbath, Saturday. We receive God’s seal that is diametrically opposed to the mark of the beast by conviction or fully believing and trusting God (forehead). By all means we must avoid the mark of the beast and embrace the seal of God!

Therefore 666 is introduced at the end of Revelation 13 as a means of shedding light and further identifying the beast (Roman Catholicism) and the mark of the beast (Sunday sacredness). The number 666 is brought as a password to help us positively identify the beast whose mark must be avoided by all means. The number 666 is to be used in addition to all other characteristics of the beast in the Bible, so that the actual beast is arrived at. Without other biblical characteristics, the number 666 can mislead and confuse. The number 666 must be interpreted in relation to what else the Bible says about the beast in question.

According to Revelation 13:18 the number 666 requires wisdom and calculation. The wisdom and calculation will lead us to discover that, it is a number associated with a certain man, within the leadership system of the beast (Roman Catholicism), whose mark (Sunday worship) must be avoided by all means. The Pope’s title VICARIUS FILII DEI in values of Roman numbers will total up to 666. 

Other prophecies have positively identified the beast as Roman Catholicism. Therefore interpretation of 666 as reference to Pope’s title is consistent with all other biblical prophecies. In Bible interpretation consistent is a key standard. Where there is no consistency, the interpretation is rejected immediately.

The number 666 has achieved its purpose of helping us identify the papacy and Roman Catholicism as the key proponents of a future spiritual crisis. They will be supported in precipitating this crisis by USA. The crisis will demand that people choose between the teachings of the Bible and those of Roman Catholicism. Those who choose the Bible teachings will be persecuted, tortured and even denied opportunity to transact any business.

Governments may enforce the trade control using identity number, tax numbers, “huduma number” or even latest technology of micro chips or whatever else. The numbers used are not the mark of the beast or 666, no! The mark of the beast is the spiritual decision one makes to oppose biblical teachings. The number 666 only helps us identify whose teachings we must not embrace or accept, because that would be receiving the dreaded mark of the beast. Therefore government issued identity numbers and methods are not and will never be the mark of the beast or the dreaded 666.

Number 666 Fodder for Conspiracy

Whichever way one interprets Revelation 13, the number 666 is perceived diabolic and worth all effort and alarm to avoid it. In matters relating to 666 the conspiracy theorists and fear mongers have always carried the day, since the public is anxious about it and posses the least knowledge possible about it. As it has been correctly quipped, little knowledge is dangerous. The people with the least knowledge are normally most confident and loudest in a discussion. Consequently their confidence and noise misleads many to believe their untruths. This is not different in relation to theories doing rounds about the number 666. This number will remain fodder for conspiracy as long as the public anxiety about it abides and the anxious public continue preferring gutter interpretations over sound biblical interpretations of prophecy.

Many a congregation will refuse a trained pastor to take them through prophecy. Instead they will get certain laymen to give them sensational data with references to bizarre possibilities of what 666 is already around them. Conspiracy theories of USA government, Vatican leadership, and legislation of Sunday as a day of worship are woven together to create a fallacy that the congregation appreciates as current prophecy. Some even directly oppose the Bible by attempting to set an approximate date of the end of the world. Yet the public consumes this garbage and wonders why they still grope in spiritual darkness. Many such presentations have long quotations and news clips. The end result is fear and terrorised members. That fear is falsely interpreted as improved spirituality.

Facts About 666

The following facts about the number 666 will save us from the clutches of fear mongers and incessant conspiracy theorists. Without these facts, we remain potential candidates to confusion and many times unnecessary panic that has no spiritual value. Therefore these facts on 666 are worthy our consideration.

  1. To have the seal of God is a personal  spiritual decision and to have its opposite which is the mark of the beast also thought to be 666, is equally a personal spiritual decision. A spiritual decision not a government registration process. Daniel 1:8, Daniel resolved in his heart…it begins in the heart…not in filling forms.
  1. Spiritual decisions are made in the heart. God tells Samuel during anointing of David as King that God looks at the heart and not outward. The decision that will lead others to hell and others to heaven will not be a number printed on cards or micro chips…its a spiritual decision that each of us makes and now influences our lifestyle. God knows the decisions we make deep within our hearts, These decisions will determine our eternal destiny, not just a mere number on a card. A decision for or against the things of God is what matters. 
  1. Therefore a physical number 666 should not be expected to be placed in chips or cards or under skin for that to be the mark of the beast.
  1. The purpose of the number 666 in Revelation 13:18 is to help identify the beast and its mark. The beast is interpreted as shown above to be Roman Catholicism and its mark is choice to treat Sunday as the day of worship instead of the biblical Sabbath which is Saturday. Therefore 666 is not the per se the mark of the beast, but the identity of the beast.
  1. The number 666 has been calculated to have numerical value from the pope’s title of VICARIUS FILII DEI. The pope fits the prophecy because of reference to Roman Catholicism.
  1. Many other names have numerical value of 666 but the difference is that they don’t match the other aspects of the Prophecies of Revelation 13 and elsewhere in the Bible. Therefore it is inconsequential biblically to calculate names of Adolf Hitler and many others and show that they total to 666 and therefore conclude that they are the dreaded 666.
  1. The engineer behind the confusion in the 666 theories is Satan. Only satan stands to benefit when lies and half-truths are spread to mislead people from God’s intention in giving humanity Revelation 13.


  1. “Huduma number” is not 666 because to register you don’t need to make a spiritual decision for or against God and His revealed word. This is true of many other numbers and microchips which have been falsely reported to be the mark of the beast or the dreaded 666. As long as the registration or insertion of the chip doesn’t require a spiritual decision against God, it cannot be the 666 or mark of the beast.
  1. “Huduma number” and other existing identification documents may be used in future to persecute saints who reject the teachings of men and uphold the teachings of God. Until that time in future, no chip, no identification number or process qualifies to be the dreaded 666.
  1. You can receive the mark of the beast or 666 as some wish to perceive it, without ever getting any identification from any government and without any technology. This is because receiving the dreaded mark of the beast only requires accepting the teachings of Roman Catholicism (as taught by both Catholicism, Apostate Protestantism and whoever else) either by conviction or convenience. This is what should worry us constantly. We should worry about where we worship, what we believe and whether we are 100% faithful to what the Bible teaches.
  1. Religious matters are finally decided on two major grounds and none of which is a government process
          1. Teachings you subscribe to determine your allegiance. The teachings you subscribe to and profess by conviction or convenience, determine your spiritual placing as pro-God or Anti-Christ. Ask yourself if everything you believe and practice is biblical or just church tradition? If it is just church tradition, you may be on the way to full acquisition of the mark of the beast, which others perceive as 666.
          2. Personal decision…everyone will make a faith decision for God and His word or against God and His word. That decision is what is more critical than the prospects of a new technology or government programme. We must make up our minds today and our decisions settled. Just for your information, from the biblical point of view, if you don’t make any decision, you would have chosen the mark of the beast.

5. Worries about 666 stem from a lack of understanding of Bible prophecy on 666 as explained above, or from being spiritually unprepared for the end of time, or both. A Christian whose mind is made up for Christ, does not panic and focus on persecution and hard times ahead, no, they instead rejoice and take the opportunity to win many to Christ.

6. Fear mongering to threaten people into the kingdom of God is not biblical and stinks of evangelistic incompetence. It also may link the conspiracy theorist to demonic activities seeking to defeat the cause of God through misinformation and confusion. Instilling fear is not the same as instilling spirituality. Fear doesn’t make people spiritual, it makes them hypocrites who instead of loving God, they serve Him out of fear.

7. Huduma number is not the biblically abhorred 666, nor the mark of the beast. Even if it will be used in future, we have nothing to fear, our minds are made up and settled in Christ Jesus our LORD!(C) not delete any part of this post, including this. You are free to share these posts but don’t edit the authorship or content…thank you and be blessed!)

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8 thoughts on “Is The Kenyan “Huduma Number” the biblical 666?

    • Sylvester ndundu

      Why do you people say the mark of the beast is not yet in force when clearly we can see people doing Sunday and others Saturday? Breaking the laws of God has nothing to do with when, it’s either you’re keeping it or you’re not.

  • Collince Odero

    Thanks pastor for that eye opener,just to add that choosing to serve God or Satan is a matter of the heart,actually they are spiritual matters and should be understood from the spiritual context.
    That the Huduma number is the 666 has been a great cause of havoc among the public, and sadly, even the christians don’t comprehend this.

    I will share this with some evangelists I know. God bless.

    Pr.Collince Mac’Odero.

  • Pr.Ratemo Fednard

    The devil wants to divert people from the truth.Thanks for clarifying pastor.John 8:44;Satan lost at calvary now he spreads lies to gain followers,we deny Satan.Brethren lift Jesus don’t spend much time in the enemies court.TMI entails teaching the truth John 17:17;John 8:32

  • Sam Ayuka

    Right information:-
    (a) The beast = Papacy
    (b) The image of the beast = church and state unification.
    (c) Mark of the beast = Sunday worship.
    (d) The number of the beast = 666.
    N/B:- (1)It will be the work of the state to implement all about the beast because they are united.
    (2)The beast will work through it’s image (church+state) to enforce a Sunday law and control the masses in buying and selling using the number of the beast i.e, 666.
    (3) God forbid that we be tattooed/branded with the number of the beast technologically by the very chip/biochip/RFID implant under the skin. Whether based on religion or not, it won’t be in order for a foreign electronic gadgets be implanted on our body. Our minds should only be controlled by God and not the biochip /computer gadgets. Finally, the lesser beam/the radio frequency of the very chip has profound effects on our bodies scientifically and can cause health problems such as ;cancer, cancerous tumors, painful sores and lesions that grow on the body, bleeding, oozing with bio hazardous chemicals and infectious diseases.
    When one gives the mind, body and soul over to this device, they are transformed into an evil monster of creations and all hope of heaven is gone.
    Say NO to RFID since it is the ultimate control over the human race and the ultimate disease and bio hazardous war on the human population.
    TOP SECRETS and vital information transmitted.