Indescribable Gift!

2 Corinthians 9:15 “Thanks be to God for his *indescribable gift* !”

Paul writes to Corinthians that God will give you a gift that will cause you to be generous in supporting God’s work. But Paul writes that, this gift from God cannot be expressed by words!

The gift can’t be described or explained…why? Because it was more than we thought or imagined.

The gift can’t be described because God designed it to be perfect for everyone in every situation.

For one it is healing in sickness, for another it is companionship in loneliness, yet for another it is success where failure reigned, and yet for another it is protection where insecurity abounded. For all of us it is forgiveness of guilt and sin.

God has made the gift in such a way that even two people can’t describe it the same way. That gift to one person keeps adjusting to his/her changing circumstances and remains perfect solution regardless of what one experiences.

Therefore the gift cannot be described! Whatever description you give it…would be too limited for the person and only at that moment!

The indescribable gift is Jesus! He is the answer to all questions and solution to all problems. He is perfect for all and any situation.

May God grant me today this indescribable gift…in Jesus name. Amen!

Written by

Pastor Rei Kesis

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