I Wish You Love!

Song of Solomon 7:10 “I belong to my lover, and his desire is for me.”

The book of Song of Solomon is a book about love. Raw love. Not theoretic love. Not boring love. Sweet love that we all experience and then think it’s evil or embarrassing. Not love that looks for inner beauty, no! Just love. Not love for husband and wife role…just love!

Love that acknowledges the role of external beauty. Love that admires the physical aspects of your darling. Love that praises it’s darling. Love that is desperate for the other person.

To love is sweet. To be loved is sweetest. To be loved and admired and praised is the best. It meets our deep needs created by God. To be loved adds longevity to life. God wants us to experience love.

God loves us. God’s love has its role in our life. But God created in us a hunger to love and be loved. A hunger for someone to admire us physically. A hunger to be praised. A hunger to be declared the best among others. A hunger for one person of the opposite gender to love us and make us desire each other.

I therefore wish you love today! May you find true love. May you find somebody to admire physically and praise above all others. May someone love you and admire you and praise you above all others.

I wish you God’s love. I wish you love from relatives and friends. I wish you love from the one person of opposite gender who you will call mine and my best! I wish you love that will not die mid way the journey of life or when tested by challenges. I wish you love in good times and bad times. I wish you love that is reliable and satisfactory. I wish you love that will not dwell on your failures but see the best in you. I wish you love!

May God save you from heartbreakers! Control freaks! Materialistic individuals and other impostors of love. May God save you from people who don’t love but just want husband, wife and parent and support from you. May you not pretend to be in love for social standing. May you truly be in love!

I wish you true love today! Love that you don’t work hard to get or please. Love that only God provides to you through another person. May God provide true love for you in Jesus name. Amen!


Written by

Pastor Rei Kesis

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