I Need Blessings!

Numbers 6:22 “The LORD said to Moses ,(6:23) “Tell Aaron and his sons, ‘ This is how you are to bless the Israelites. Say to them: (6:24) “‘ ” The LORD bless you and keep you;”

To bless is religious because it has to do with God. To bless is to pray and wish at the same time that good and positive unlimited things from God happen to the recipient of blessings. Blessings come with good, positive and unlimitedness originating from God. I need blessings!

To be blessed is to get prayers and wishes from others so that unlimited good and positive things from God happen to you. To be blessed also is to be a recipient of unlimited good and positive things from God. I need blessings!

Blessings are the unlimited good and positive things from God. Blessings of children… means children are good and positive and we will continue enjoying their presence. Blessings of rain are unlimited. Blessings add divine value to one’s life. I need blessings!

A curse is the opposite of blessing. A curse is a prayer and wish that unlimited bad, evil and negative things happen to a person. While blessings come from God. Curses can come from God too or also from Satan. Curses are real and have devastating effects. Jesus cursed a tree that didn’t have fruits and it dried. But the good news is God can reverse any and all curses including His own. Isn’t He reversing the curse of sin? Blessings counter and defeat curses. I need blessings!

Many times we bring curses on ourselves by our foolish actions against God and people. Sometimes curses come from evil hearted jealous people. But God blesses and can overcome any curse with a blessing. I need blessings!

You are either blessed or cursed. It is a curse to operate without God’s favour because it makes all your efforts empty, unfruitful and unsatisfactory. Ecclesiastes calls it chasing the wind. A cursed life will chase the wind in health, at work, in studies, in relationships…and since its the wind…you never catch it but get tired and frustrated chasing. Are you chasing the wind? You and I need blessings!

To have blessings or to be blessed is to have God’s unlimited good and positive favour in your life, in what belongs to you and what you do. I need blessings in my health, finances, relationships, businesses, employment, studies, etc. Blessings make defeat and failure impossible even when it seems obvious to others. Blessings cause abounding success. Blessings give us an advantage. Blessings bring protection from evil activities against us. Blessings make the ordinary to be outstanding. Without blessings you are at the mercy of competitors, market forces, people’s opinions and evil forces. Blessings make a difference. I need blessings today!

Now you know why Jabez prayed asking God, “Oh that you would bless me!” Now you know what it means when someone says God bless you. Now you know whether you are blessed. Now you know why we need to bless each other. Now you know why we need blessings. I need blessings!

May God bless you and all you do and may God bless me too…in Jesus name. Amen!

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