He Took Jesus At His Word 1

He Took Jesus At His Word

John 4:50 “Jesus replied, “You may go. Your son will live.” The man took Jesus at his word and departed.”

The last time Jesus was in Cana of Galilee He performed the unforgettable miracle of turning water into wine. Now Jesus is back and there is anticipation in the air. What will He do this time? Turn leaves into money? Turn dust into gold? The people converge around Jesus out of curiosity to see another miracle.

A certain official of royalty was present too in that crowd. Unlike the crowd, he didn’t travel a long distance to feed his curiosity. The royal official came to request Jesus to go to his house and heal his dying son. He wasn’t curious for a miracle, he needed a miracle. There is a difference between being curious for a miracle and being in need of a miracle. Good news is that Jesus too knows the difference.

When the royal official presents his request to Jesus, the crowd gets excited. They don’t sympathise with the worried man, all they want to see is a miracle. This is the opportune time, the long awaited time. The crowd surges forward and all are ready to accompany Jesus, in order to witness another miracle. They want to be first hand witnesses for self glory and for the record.

Jesus responded first to the crowd by dismissing their curiosity for miracles (John 4:48). He told them that they had a problem of depending on miracles in order to believe. They had a problem of building faith on miracles instead of building it on the word pf God. Yet it is prudent and better to believe the word of God, since only God gives His word. Miracles are an unsafe basis for faith, since even Satan and all those who oppose God can perform startling miracles. By that statement of condemning their desire for miracles instead of the word of God, Jesus dismissed the crowd.

The royal official with a dying son pleaded with Jesus to go with him to his house and perform a miracle to save his son. Jesus did not give him the miracle, Jesus instead gave him His word. The words of the above quoted text (John 4:50) are the words of Jesus to this royal official. Jesus told him, ‘you may go. Your son will live.’ The royal official took Jesus at His word and he left for home without Jesus physically accompanying him, but armed with the word of Jesus.

The royal official went home without Jesus who he had come for. However he had one thing, the assurance from Jesus that his son will get well. He left without details of when and how the Son will get well. He left without an alternative plan of what happens if his son doesn’t recover. He left with the simple but potent word of God the Son aka Jesus. He didn’t doubt Jesus’s intention to heal his son. He had faith that Jesus appreciated the urgency of the request. He also knew that Jesus choice of when and how to heal his son was final since He was sovereign. All these was summarized in the fact that he took Jesus at His word.

The crowd must have wondered at the risk the royal official took by believing Jesus and going back home to a dying son without Jesus. The crowd understood visible miracles and not faith in the word of God. The royal official took Jesus at His word and left by himself, without the crowd and without Jesus, but with the word of Jesus. While on the way home, the royal official met people from his home who reported that his son had fully recovered from his sickness. When the royal official inquired further, it dawned on him that, the healing took place at the very time Jesus told him to go home because his son will get well.

While the crowd was waiting for a miracle in order to believe, the one who believed Jesus’s word was receiving the miracle at that very moment, albeit unknown to him. God did it for the royal official who took Him at His word. Anyone who takes Jesus at His word, gets a miracle with or without publicity.

God still answers prayers of anyone who doesn’t demand evidence from God, but just believes God’s Word. That is to take Jesus at His word. Believing that God has good intentions and that though it now seems bad, the end will be great, because God has said so. To take Jesus at His word is to let Jesus have the final say on when and how our prayers will be answered. To take Jesus at His word is to carry on with life after prayer, believing the answer will come in God’s time. To take Jesus at His word is to leave the curios crowd that gives false comfort without faith, and go to the lonely path of faith and of breakthrough. In the lonely path, alone with God, out of sight of the crowds, the miracle will be wrought to you!

Bigger things await us if we take Jesus at His word. Peace of mind and progress in life awaits us if we take Jesus at His word. We will go into our graves peacefully, happy and fulfilled if we take Jesus at His word. We will recover at the right time, God’s time, if we take Jesus at His word. We will take losses of the present with confidence and faith as we wait for God to triumph and give us double victory later, if we take Jesus at His word. If we take Jesus at His word, our lives will not come to a stand still because we are waiting for answers to prayer, life will go on as usual. Take Jesus at His word, you will pass your exams, you will get a spouse, you will make the profit, you will resolve the issues currently troubling you, you will have all prayers answered in due time.

Happiness and blessings come to all who take Jesus at His word. May we take Jesus at His word, in Jesus name we pray. Amen! (C)rkesis@gmail.com (do not delete any part of this post, including this. You are free to share these posts but don’t edit the authorship or content… thank you and be blessed!)

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