He Rises Again!

Proverbs 24:16 “for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again, but the wicked are brought down by calamity.”

Righteous people do fall too. But He rises again. Do not be discouraged by falling. Focus on rising again. In a world of sin, falling is normal even for the righteous. But he rises again!

Falling depicts failure. Failure financially. Failure in health. Failure in relationships. Failure in spiritual growth. Failure in academic work. Failure in family. Failure in business. Failure at work. Failure in their religious life. Any failure…all failure! Even a righteous person, fails…but, he or she rises again!

Though a righteous person falls seven times…. Seven times refers to perfection in biblical language. Falling seven times is completely failing with evidence attached…falling seven times is best described as hopelessly failing in something. Almost assumed to be irredeemable. But even so…he or she still rises again! Falling seven times also refers to consistently failing… even in consistent failure…he or she rises again!

The wicked seem to prosper for a while. Falling is hardly their thing. But when they fall…it’s disastrous and hopeless…no rising again!

It is in falling… it is in failure…that the righteous and the wicked are differentiated…the righteous rise again…the wicked go down one way. After a spate of failures…the righteous rise! After glowing in excellence… the wicked go down one way!

The righteous will survive any falling…any failure…they even resurrect from death! Indeed it’s true…he or she rises again!

The righteous is anyone who has a good relationship with God. Anyone who truly loves and desires to do God’s will. If they fail, even consistently… they will rise again!

Choose righteousness today…and in your failure may you keep rising again…Rise again today in Jesus name. Amen!

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Written by

Pastor Rei Kesis

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