God doesn’t change!

Malachi 3:6 “I the LORD do not change. So you, O descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed…”

The text is clear that God doesn’t change. Even what we think is change, is not change but just His original plan unfolding in a manner we didn’t expect! Even where the text suggests change or regret over an earlier decision (Hosea 11:8 & Genesis 6:6-7), is human expression of God’s response to our sinful situation. God bearing with sinners in that Hosea text, hoping they repent is expressed as if He changed His mind from destroying them. God’s pain over our choice to be sinful in that Genesis text is expressed as if He regrets. God doesn’t change!

God created us free to make choices. Salvation is a choice and the destination is eternal life. Destruction in Hell is a choice we make when we don’t accept salvation. Salvation, heaven and eternal life is guaranteed because God doesn’t change. Hell and eternal destruction will still be there for those who choose, because God doesn’t change. Our choices will change our destiny, but God doesn’t change, He won’t change our choices! He can bear with us, waiting for us to change our choices, but He Himself doesn’t change!

God does not change. To change is necessary when you see things better today than yesterday. God sees not better but best all the time, and therefore there is nothing today or in future that He didn’t know in the past or even before the beginning, He can’t be surprised by any event, He does not change.

To change is necessary as you adapt to changing times and circumstances,  since you can’t control or stop change, that is why wise men change their minds. God unlike wise men is not at the mercy of change, change is at His Mercy… He doesn’t change! It has been correctly said that change is the only constant in life, meaning,  everything changes except change. But in reference to God, He doesn’t change, He is not subject to the constant rule of everything will and must change. God doesn’t change because He controls circumstances! Things adapt to God, God doesn’t adapt to things. He doesn’t change!

Even prayer was never intended to change God. Prayer changes us and not God. We pray and fast about issues so that God can change us to accept His answers. Prayer and Fasting prepares us for answers from God. No amount of prayer, crying and self-punishment changes God. God isn’t moved emotionally. God doesn’t change. Prayer and Fasting changes us and not God. God does not change!

The human reasons and need for change do not apply to God. He is outside the realm of human limitations. Human beings are limited in perception and power, that is why they have to change in response to their developing perception and the limited power to address issues. God is not limited in anyway at all, therefore He doesn’t change.

God created us for a purpose, since He doesn’t change, that purpose hasn’t changed in spite of our sinfulness. God has good plans for our lives, since He doesn’t change, those good plans haven’t changed, even in our waywardness! God is good and merciful but we continuously offend Him. Our being alive and happy today is not because we are good but because God doesn’t change! God knew and still knows the extent of how far we will sin against Him and walk away from Him, and He planned in Mercy to bear with us, He hasn’t changed that is why sin which destroys hasn’t destroyed us yet!

God created, called and worked with inconsistent persons such as Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jonah, disciples, etc. Stories of Abraham, David and Jonah clearly reveal that God doesn’t change in spite of our tendency to stray.

Romans 11:29 “for God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable.” When God calls us to any ministry or when He grants gifts and abilities, He doesn’t change. We may leave the ministry, we may fail humanly speaking but He doesn’t change. We remain anointed by God, even when we choose to go to Hell instead of heaven. We change but God doesn’t!

Haven’t we changed and strayed a lot? Haven’t we offended God by many times doubting Him and dumping Him? Aren’t we grateful that He doesn’t change? If God were to change His mind would we still be in business, in school, at work, in marriage or relationships, or even alive? Praise be to God because He doesn’t change! Our lives and excellence today is not because we deserve but because God doesn’t change. We have been preserved in many self-created and deserving calamities, because God doesn’t change!

Thank you God for not changing your good plans and purpose for me even in my waywardness and contradiction of your will, bear with me LORD and lead me to repentance and back to your fold, is my prayer today in Jesus name. Amen!

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