For Troublemakers Consider Silence

1 Samuel 10:27 “But some troublemakers said, “How can this fellow save us?” They despised him and brought him no gifts. *But Saul kept silent*.”

Saul had just been chosen first King of Israel. Many brought gifts and send their congratulatory messages. But some troublemakers deliberately and openly despised him and brought him no gifts. Saul as King had options to imprison them, enslave them, warn them or kill them on the spot. But Saulkept silent. Silence was a positive political strategy. If he had responded to the troublemakers, all Israel would have misunderstood the new king. For Troublemakers Consider silence.

Troublemakers are those whose intention is to make worse what is bad. Troublemakers will provoke us so that we fall into their trap. Troublemakers are different from those who are genuinely offended and need answers. Troublemakers don’t need answers and are not interested in answers. Troublemakers aim at getting onto your last nerve and enjoy your reaction. Troublemakers are evil driven people and they are plenty in life. No response has ever helped a troublemaker. For Troublemakers Consider silence!

When Jesus during trial met Pilate who genuinely needed answers, He responded. But when Jesus met Herod the troublemaker, Luke 23:9 states that Jesus didn’t respond. For Troublemakers, consider silence!

Troublemakers ensure that their choice of words and actions will trigger your response to their advantage. Consider silence. Silence works completely opposite the expectations of a troublemaker and effectively disarms them. Consider silence when troublemakers come your way.

Troublemakers could be spouse, parents, children, relatives, superiors, colleagues, business partners, neighbours, strangers who you meet briefly, opponents, church mates, etc. For Troublemakers Consider silence!

When provoked but not harmed, consider silence. When uncertain of the next course of action, consider silence. When further speaking will worsen the situation, consider silence. When waiting for an opportune time to respond, consider silence. When waiting for God to arbitrate or avenge, consider silence.

Silence is not relevant or useful all the time. But can be effective when relevant. Consider silence! Don’t reply that email. Ignore that text. Pick the call, listen but don’t respond. Listen to the accusations and promise to respond and do respond by silence. Don’t respond to all that opponents say. Consider silence!

As we go about business today, troublemakers will come our way…may God grant us wisdom when to speak and when to be silent. Amen!

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Written by

Pastor Rei Kesis

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