Even Though He Dies 1

Even Though He Dies

John 11:25 “Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies;”

Jesus is at Bethany, though very late according to those who called Him to come. He had been invited by Mary and Martha to come save Lazarus their brother from sickness that threatened to kill him. But Jesus delayed, Lazarus died and was buried now for four days. Jesus had told His disciples that this sickness of Lazarus will not lead to death (John 11:4). What did Jesus mean? Because Lazarus died and He knew it (John 11:11-14). Jesus arrives at the home of the bereaved and He meets Martha the sister of Lazarus. Martha tells Jesus that if He had been there, the death would not have occurred (John 11:21). Martha affirms her faith that Lazarus is not in heaven or hell, but is awaiting in the grave for the resurrection of all the saints at the end of time (John 11:23-24). Jesus responds to Martha that He is the resurrection she is hoping for, and whoever believes in Him will live, even though he dies (John 11:25)!

Jesus says death is nothing. Jesus says even if death occurs…life will follow. Death is final to human beings but not God. Even though Lazarus is dead, he will live. Even though he dies, is a statement of contempt and defiance of death. Jesus says to Martha that while it is true that people will resurrect at the end of time, that resurrection doesn’t bar Jesus from raising Lazarus from the dead now. Jesus says, He is the resurrection and life. What we need at the end of time is Jesus and what we have now is Jesus. What Jesus will do at the end of time, He still can do it now. Death is big problem to us because we cant reverse it, but for Jesus it is a non-issue! Jesus dismisses the clutches of death by saying, Even though he dies…he will live.

Revelation 1:17-18 “(17) When I (John the Revelator) saw him (Jesus), I fell at his feet as though dead. But he laid his right hand on me, saying, “Fear not, I am the first and the last, (18) and the living one. I died, and behold I am alive forevermore, and I have the keys of Death and Hades.” Jesus declares that He has the keys, the solution to death. Having the keys means, He can cause death to occur and He can undo death. He who has the keys of death speaks to us today, with assurance that even if death occurs, I have the keys, nobody else has them except me. Even if anyone dies…I have the keys! Even though he dies…

Matthew 10:28 (also see Luke 12:4-5) “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” Jesus reminds us that while others can purport to cause death, only He can completely kill. Anyone who kills has no power to make it final, only God can make it final and irreversible. Therefore Jesus says, do not be threatened by death. If the death is not sanctioned by God, it is reversible and is not permanent. That is why Jesus said, this sickness will not lead to death. Because sickness has no final powers, only Jesus does! Even though he dies…its not final and i can reverse it. Even though he dies….

Death gives us the greatest fear and pain. Not just death in relation to loss of life, but death of anything or anyone. We put up a big fight and spend resources to save institutions and programmes from dying. Dying seems to spell final failure and seems to permanently grant a poor grade to all the involved persons. When institutions die, the leaders failed. When relationships and marriage dies, blame is tossed about on who takes the failing grade. The pain is that your efforts failed irreversibly. When a business or employment dies or comes to an end, we fear to share the news. We feel embarrassed to be seen as the people who failed permanently. Death of relationships, marriages, institutions, businesses, jobs and life, will always make news headlines because they concern us in a big way. While we try our best to prevent death, we don’t succeed all the time. A time comes when we must deal with death. Jesus says to those who believe, do not fear, death is nothing! Even the dead can live again! Even though he dies….

Lazarus lived even though he was dead. The dead can and will live again if we trust in Jesus. At the end of time, all the dead will resurrect to either receive eternal life or eternal death, until then, all the dead remain in their dusty graves and are not alive anywhere else (Daniel 12:2). With Jesus in the picture even dead and lost job opportunities can live again. King Nebuchadnezar lost his job for seven years, but he got it back again (Daniel 4:28-37). With Jesus in the picture lost businesses that are dead can live again. With Jesus, dead relationships and marriages can live again. With Jesus the dead academically can live again in a strong way. With Jesus anything dead and all the dead can live again. Therefore as we moan bitterly and get depressed and embarrassed over that which has died, Jesus says to us that He is the resurrection and life of anyone and anything, even though he or it dies…in the name of Jesus, life will come back! even though he dies….

Who is threatening you with death? Death of your job by getting you fired? Death of your studies by cancelled financial support or failing grades? Death of a business by undue competition and unfair play? Death of a relationship and marriage by break-up and divorce? Death by murder? Remember the words of Jesus, only He can kill with finality. Whatever death those threatening you can cause, Jesus can and will reverse. Don’t live in fear and slavery to those who threaten you with death, instead trust God who can prevent or reverse death. Speak to them and to your self that, with Jesus, even though he/she/I/this/these dies…it shall be well and shall live again! Even though he dies….

What death is hurting you today? What death is causing gloom and hopelessness in your life today? Whether a person or a thing, Jesus has the keys to death, even though he/she/it dies. With Jesus the consequences of death or the death itself will not be as severe as we fear. Jesus has power to restore life and/or make nonsense of the death power and effect that we fear. Trust in God at this moment and take Jesus’ words to heart. When facing death of someone or anything, fear doesn’t stop the death, crying is healthy and desperation is common but it doesn’t stop the death, even blame game doesn’t stop the death, only faith in Jesus can mitigate death. Therefore how you respond to death that is coming or has come is important for the future. Choose hope instead of hopelessness. Be positive instead of negative. Try to prayerfully move on, knowing that God hasn’t left you.

Dead people, dead relationships and marriages, dead jobs, dead academic work, dead businesses, dead opportunities, dead reputations and whatever else is dead, has a chance of living and being better, or that death being an unprecedented blessing only if it is given to Jesus. Whatever is given to Jesus, even though he/she/it dies…will live again! Dear God take care of what and they who are dying around me…teach me to believe that even though death occurs its not final and may all be well…in Jesus name, Amen!(c)rkesis@gmail.com (do not delete any part of this post, including this. You are free to share these posts, but do not edit the authorship or content, share it as it is, thank you and be blessed!)

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