Enabled To Enjoy

Ecclesiastes 6:2 “God gives a man wealth, possessions and honor, so that he lacks nothing his heart desires, *but God does not enable him to enjoy them* , and a stranger enjoys them instead. This is meaningless, a grievous evil.”

Ecclesiastes 6:1-6 is concerned about enjoying and failure to enjoy. Enjoyment puts value in possession, wealth, honor, family, and long life. Without enjoyment those things and many others are meaningless, empty, hollow and avexation of the spirit.

Our text today reveals that to enjoy anything or not to enjoy anything is a divine function. God can cause you to enjoy. It is also true that God can cause you not to enjoy. God gives family, possessions, wealth, honor, and a long life. But above all, God determines if you will enjoy!

You can be in love but fail to enjoy. You can get highest pay or business returns but fail to enjoy. You can make unprecedented academic progress and graduate several times but fail to enjoy. You can rise up the ladder of social standing but fail to enjoy. You can live long disease free life but fail to enjoy. We need to be enabled by God to enjoy these things!

We need to thank God that we can actually enjoy what He has given. We need to be conscious that God has enabled us to enjoy our life, enjoy our work, enjoy with family and friends, enjoy our achievements in school, at work, in business, etc.

As we strive for family, as we strive for long life, as we strive to achieve various things in life, as we strive to amass wealth and possessions… let us pray that we are enabled to enjoy them too! Unless we are enabled to enjoy…all we achieve becomes empty, irritating and we feel purposeless and giving up becomes easier.

May God enable us to enjoy life today in Jesus name. Amen! (C)rkesis@gmail.com

Written by

Pastor Rei Kesis

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