Don’t Betray Another Man

Proverbs 25:8 “do not bring hastily to court, for what will you do in the end if your neighbor puts you to shame? (25:9) If you argue your case with a neighbor, do not betray another man’s confidence , (25:10) or he who hears it may shame you and you will never lose your bad reputation.”

The Bible gives practical advice for living happily. In this section we are first advised to avoid rushing to court… Court should be the last resort. The nature of human courts is that even the one on the right can lose a case. Exhaust all means including forgiveness before rushing to court. Court may be the legal system in a society or the public court. Public court is where anyone in the community is told the story through media or rumours, and they make their own conclusions. Don’t rush to court!

When cornered in court, don’t betray another man’s confidence. Man refers to both male and female. The Bible recognizes that people will tell us a lot. People who wish us well or otherwise, will share a lot of truths and untruths with us. Do not betray their confidence. They spoke to you in confidence and in good faith, do not betray their confidence.

Do not betray their confidence because the Bible says you will never lose your bad reputation. Anyone who hears about it, will forever tag you a betrayer.

Don’t betray another man’s confidence by exposing what they told you. You must be wise to take people’s words with a pinch of salt, or with caution that it’s not necessarily true. Not everything you are told is for public consumption. It’s not holiness to expose your sources, instead it’s foolishness.

Do not betray another man’s confidence. That also means don’t act on everything you are told. If you do, when you fail you will blame them and betray them.

If you betray other people’s confidence, you lose respect in the community and you are tagged a betrayer. You will be lonely, and unable to interact. You won’t be able to share even your faith in God!

Free pastoral advice. Don’t record phone calls which you don’t have to. Don’t put people on loud speaker phone unknown to them. Don’t screen shot and share without consent. Don’t insinuate because people are wise to interpret who you are referring to. Simple advice, don’t betray another man’s confidence!

Careless sharing of confidential information may have consequences you will forever regret and be unable to undo. Careless sharing of confidential information has led to Job losses, businesses losses, marriage and other relationships breaking, and even death. Be forever careful on what you do with confidential information. Do not betray another man’s confidence. This simple advice will go along way to ensure your peace of mind.

When you receive information in confidence, don’t repeat it to anyone else. To repeat it, is to gossip. To keep confidence will kill gossip in our society. Kill gossip by keeping confidential information to yourself. Gossip will take the information around and you will be exposed for having betrayed confidence.

Happiness depends on daily decisions we make. We need wisdom to know what to ignore and what to take to court. We need wisdom to realize that what people tell us is for our consumption only, and not for repeating or exposing. We only expose what we are told in confidence, if life or lives are at risk and the information will help save.

I pray that God grants us wisdom to live with each other, wisdom to overlook offense, wisdom to know what is for personal consumption and wisdom to be found trustworthy. May happiness follow our wise living in Jesus name. Amen!

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