But Who Are You?

But Who Are You?

Acts 19:15 “One day the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you?””

That question was asked by the evil spirit to those who pretended to drive out evil spirits yet they didn’t have a relationship with Jesus. Paul was driving out evil spirits and performing many miracles (We have an article in our blog that clarifies issues on performance of miracles, it’s titled – John Never performed a miraculous sign). Sons of Sceva thought they too could do it in the name of Jesus whom Paul preaches.

The problem is that the sons of Sceva were not yet converted to Christianity and the devil knew it. When they went exorcising, the evil spirt told them and asked them, Jesus and Paul we know, but who are you? They couldn’t answer that question and the Bible reports that, the evil possessed man, single handedly beat up the seven sons of Sceva, stripped them naked and they left running and wounded. The questions that triggered their beating and shame is, Jesus and Paul we know, but who are you?

You can’t lie to the devil nor to God. In relation to God – who are you? His enemy or friend? You can’t pretend, or stand in the middle ground, you just must face this question, in relation to God – who are you? Are you converted or been pretending to be planning to get converted? God and the devil know your true status, hence the question to yourself – who are you?

When you ask and pray that the devil leaves you alone, yet you have never confessed Christ, the devil reminds you that you belong to him by saying, Jesus we know and those who are truly converted we know, but who are you? When you want to delay joining the church and conversion, but you also want to enjoy the blessing of God, and you pray for protection from evil and blessings from God, the question you need to answer is, Jesus is known and the converts are known, you are making your request for protection and blessings as who? On whose side (Christ or Satan?)? Who are you?

In spiritual matters a double life is impossible because God and His angels know true believers. Satan and his demonic forces also know true believers. When you pretend or purport to change sides because of attendant convenience and favor, each side knows your move is fake and only hypocritical. The question you face is based on, we know all members including their master Jesus, but who are you?

No wonder sleeping with Bible under your pillow hasn’t done away with nightmares, nor a cross and Bible in your car protected from accidents. You would have been assisted, but you haven’t answered a critical question, Jesus is known, those getting converted are known, those still studying the Bible to get issues clear are known, you are neither converted nor in the process – who are you?

We have done another article in our blog- opposition by being neutral and non-committal. If you remain non-committal you are opposed to God. As long as you are neutral in spiritual matters, you don’t belong to God’s side, you are fully opposed to God. Now you know who you are.

The sons of Sceva got a severe beating from one demon possesed man, though they were seven. If you have not made up your mind for Christ, you are in danger of resounding defeat from the evil one. It is dangerous to pretend to belong to God when you don’t. It can cause you business losses, work place frustrations, family crisis, medical expenses sky rocketing, social and school failure and even loss of life among many others. The devil enhances your problems to remind you that you don’t have God’s favour and you belong to him. We risk losing everything including our lives if we can’t answer that question, in relation to God – who are you?

May God help us to make up our mind today. Get baptized, belong to the church and be identified with Jesus. May we be identified with Jesus and be protected from satanic forces and may we be blessed in Jesus name. Amen! (C)rkesis@gmail.com (do not delete any part of this post, including this.You are free to share these posts but don’t edit the authorship or content… thank you and be blessed!)

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