Because The LORD Is Not With You

Numbers 14:41 ”    But Moses said, “Why are you disobeying the LORD’S command? This will not succeed!
(14:42) Do not go up, because the LORD is not with you. You will be defeated by your enemies,”

Israelites doubted God and His intention in taking them to the promised land. They believed the ten spies who said that God’s plan for them to take over the Promised Land was mission impossible. God was displeased. God told them, He will not go with them to the Promised Land, and none of them who is adult and doubted God will make it. They came to their senses that they had offended God, they reacted to God’s decision, not in repentance as it ought to be, but in determining to go by themselves without God. Our text today is Moses ‘ advise to them, you will fail, you will be defeated, because God is not with you!

Our text today gives the often ignored cause of failure. When we think of failure and defeat, we think of everything except the absence of God. At the backbone of failure and defeat is God’s absence. Because the LORD is not with you!

You blame lack of money? You blame lack of support? You blame drug abuse? You blame poor strategy? You blame corruption? You blame friends and relatives? You blame the weather? You blame the economy? You blame government policies? You blame sickness? You blame lateness? But key unseen, untold reason for your defeat and failure is, because the LORD is not with you!

The presence of God makes the impossible to be possible. What stands on the way of success and Victory? God can overcome it. He can reverse death by resurrection. He can heal any sickness. He can turn water into wine. He can turn uncooperative people to fully support us. He can bring Victory without a fight. He can read the motives of opponents and enemies and defeat them before they even start. He can create new opportunities. He is God! Nothing is impossible with God. Our failure and defeat is not because of what we keep thinking and blaming. It is because the LORD is not with you!

We need the LORD not as part of the strategy to victory and success in anything. The LORD is the strategy, not part of the strategy. To make God part of the strategy is to demean the almighty One. It is equating God to other factors of success, yet He is greater and unlimited by them. God is not equal to working hard. He is greater! God is not equal to best consultancy, He is the best! God is not limited and is not equal to good strategy. He can’t be part of strategy, He is strategy and no other!

To make God the strategy is to implement everything in His name (prayer) and according to His revealed will (the Bible). To make God the strategy is to prioritize Him and  still do what else ought to be done, but recognizing that without God it won’t work. God is the strategy and not part of the strategy! Failure and defeat comes because the LORD is not with you.

My prayer for us today, is that we will have courage and faith to understand and accept God as the strategy and not part of the strategy. With God,  we will not be defeated nor even fail…May God be with us all the way in everything, in Jesus name. Amen!

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