Be Cautious When Dealing With People 2

Be Cautious When Dealing With People

Matthew 10:16 “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.
(10:17) Be on your guard against men; they will hand you over to the local councils and flog you in their synagogues.”

Jesus sends out His disciples with instructions on how to conduct themselves amongst people whom they go to preach to. Earlier on Jesus tells them to avoid desperation when rejected in a home or a town, instead they should keep going. Next Jesus tells them to be cautious when dealing with people.

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves.” Wolves prey on sheep. I am sending you in an environment where people will prey on you. The environment you will operate in is not safe. The environment and it’s people will seek to take advantage of you and even destroy you for their own ends. Regardless of how calm the environment is and how likeable the people are and how hospitable they behave toward you, remember you are sheep among wolves. Be cautious when dealing with people.

A dangerous environment doesn’t mean you shouldn’t proceed staying and working there, it means be cautious. Being cautious doesn’t mean you project yourself as being paranoid. You must be seen as being innocent as a dove but having the hidden wisdom of self defense as a snake. Do not be preoccupied with wolves and their machinations, just beware they are around, but focus on your mission. The caution is not intended to distract your focus but to create awareness to ensure you are not easily stoppable. Hence the advice, be cautious when dealing with people.

It is unfortunate that some believers have left the evangelism mission and now spend most of their time on studying wolves, and crying Wolf, Wolf! The will of Jesus is that we will not just beware and safe, but also keep on evangelizing. Our social media and preaching content should be less on wolves and more on mission. Discussing problems of the world and the church does not win souls, it may even send them away. That is crying wolf!

When Jesus says be cautious, we need to be cautious. Not just about the wolves but their methods. Anything that doesn’t contribute to mission and takes our time and energy from mission, is wolf strategy. Be cautious of wolves and their strategies. When quarrels and disagreements amongst church members take up all our time and energy and it becomes our publicity, it’s enemy strategy since it affects the mission. The wolves are within and without the church. Therefore for mission’s sake, be cautious when reacting to issues, when commenting, lest your contribution distracts everyone from mission. Be cautious when dealing with people.

While wrongs must be corrected, we shouldn’t fall into enemy trap that aims at diverting energy from mission. We are sheep among wolves, don’t forget. Even within the church, we are sheep among wolves. Not everyone in the church has good intentions for the church. We are sheep among wolves. Be cautious when dealing with people.

“Be on your guard against men.” What you see is not everything. They are nice to you at one point and they betray you the next moment. They seem to be with you and supporting you at one moment, the next they are opposing your God given mission. Not all that glitters is gold. When the deal is too good think twice. Don’t be gullible and too trusting. Not all nice people will remain nice. Be cautious when dealing with people.

Be cautious about new gospel, new prophecies, new health findings by unconventional people. Be cautious about fake news that isn’t even in main stream media. The fake always comes attractive and believable. Be cautious about people you prefer to respect and believe without questioning. Be cautious when dealing with people.

Be cautious not just in church mission matters but even in our day to day lives. Be cautious what you share with people, they don’t always keep it secret. Be cautious what you share on phone, these days they record and share. Be cautious what pictures you share with those you love, because when the love fades they will still have the pictures as a weapon against you. Be cautious what you share in committees, not all members are ethical to keep it secret. Be cautious what you post online, Internet never forgets, it’s saved somewhere. Be cautious when dealing with people.

Be cautious what you write to people. Don’t write to juniors and seniors in anger, they will keep a copy for future use. Be cautious where you go, cameras are all over recording and storing videos. Be cautious with brand new love, don’t fall head over heels until time proves the love as possibly true. All love that ends bad or good begins at a high beautiful note. Be cautious about love at its beginning. What harms us most is desperation and being too trusting, and what follows is that wolves destroy us. Be cautious about business deals, investments are lost in many of them. When someone who seems needy and poor so to speak, assures you how you can make lots of money and you believe them, yet they haven’t helped themselves, aren’t you gullible and naive? When a witch promises you success that he/she hasn’t given their children or themselves, you still believe?

Be cautious about online false stories that lure you to share your personal details in the hope of making money. It is not Christian to easily be cheated by people and taken advantage of. Jesus expects us to project innocence but act in wisdom. Be cautious when dealing with people.

Whether in spiritual matters or daily activities, we need to be cautious when dealing with people. May God grant it that we will project innocence of a dove and the shrewdness of a snake and thus live successful and happy lives in Jesus name. Amen! (C) (do not delete any part of this post, including this. You are free to share these posts but don’t edit the authorship or content… thank you and be blessed!)

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