Are You Expecting Appreciation?

Luke 17:9 “Would he thank the servant because he did what he was told to do? (17:10) So you also, when you have done everything you were told to do, should say, ‘We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.'”

Jesus tells His disciples to focus on service delivery and not anticipate any reward. Appreciation is the most basic form of reward. Jesus tells His disciples to work without expecting an appreciation.

The Bible teaches in Matthew 25:34,40 that God will ultimately  express appreciation to the saved. Therefore to expect it now is to jump the gun. The Bible teaches in Revelation 22:12 that God will ultimately reward each one. Therefore to expect or demand a reward now, is like the prodigal son demanding his inheritance before time. Don’t expect an appreciation for now!

We should learn to express appreciation to others for what they do, but expect none. Expecting appreciation affects the quality of work as it seeks to please the appreciator(sic)! We always tend to be biased towards the greater appreciator and ignore the small ones who need our service but can’t appreciate in a big way. If we work expecting appreciation,  the less privileged will suffer. Don’t expect appreciation!

When you expect appreciation,  you tend to focus on the instant appreciator(sic). Instant gratification. Yet the instant appreciator(sic) is a mere human who can’t even properly appreciate or reward you. God may not seem to appreciate instantly, but He is the final most rewarding and fulfilling appreciator(sic). If you expect appreciation,  you will focus on people and ignore God. Just work, don’t expect appreciation!

When you expect appreciation and it doesn’t come, or it doesn’t come as you expected, it affects your quality of work and life. You feel disappointed. You feel unappreciated.  You regret doing all that you did. You grumble. Eventually you mar the entire work you did by expressing to people that it was all for the reward gain and not genuine service. It makes you a miserable mercenary!

Your life should not be defined by how people reward you. That makes you vulnerable to disappointment. The jealous lot will not appreciate yet you have done your best. To best deal with the jealous lot, don’t expect appreciation. Our best efforts cannot be quantified and therefore to expect appreciation is to demean your contributions. Except God’s appreciation and reward, no appreciation can equal the work we put in. Don’t demean your work by expecting an appreciation!

Our lives are directed and empowered by God. What you do is what God has enabled you to do and directed you to do. Why should you be appreciated for clearly what God and not you has done? Isn’t that robbing God His credit and glory? Just do your work and don’t expect appreciation!

For a quality service and happy life, don’t expect appreciation for what you do. If it comes, ignore it, take it lightly,  as you wait for God to do it at the end. Those who don’t anticipate appreciation offer the best service and are happiest at the end of day or work. They are not desperate to please anyone or feel beholden to probably jealous people who don’t appreciate.

Do your best at work, as a parent, spouse, colleague, employee, student, in charity work, in church work, as a friend, as a community member, etc. But don’t expect appreciation and you will be the best and happiest. Do it for God (Colossians 3:23-24) and not for appreciation!

May God grant us the grace to find happiness and fulfillment in all we do today without expecting human appreciation. Amen!

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